Car Detailing near Indiana

Drivers looking to keep their car looking sleek and stylish will likely find themselves facing the question of if they should have paint correction or detailing performed. These two auto repair services are very different, but they both involve heavy cleaning of the vehicle. In order to help you in finding the service that you… Read More

Car Painting

No matter how often you may wash and wax your car, or how careful you might be, you might still be surprised to see some discoloration or scratches on your car’s paint after a time. “How did this happen?” you might ask yourself. And the answer could surprise you. There are plenty of natural elements… Read More

car paint job

As you drive your car to work, around town, or on your next road trip, it’s exposed to the sun, the rain, and other elements. Eventually, your paint job on your car may begin to fade and lose that shiny look it originally had. Elemental damage is one of the leading causes of clear coat… Read More

Carpet Reconditioning

Try as you might to keep the interior of your car clean and well tended, a little dirt, or perhaps even damage, is unavoidable over time. Since Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers cruise around so often, a bit of upkeep will be a necessity. What are the most common car interior repairs, you ask?… Read More