Difference Between Glass Repair and Replacement

Driving with a cracked window or windshield is always risky. To have a safer drive around Indianapolis, Fishers, Bloomington, and Plainfield, you should have it taken care of by a trained technician right away. Should you schedule an appointment to get it replaced, or can they just repair it for you? Andy Mohr Collision Center explores both options and looks at the difference between glass repair and replacement in this helpful article! What Causes Glass… Read More

Unless you plan to keep your car in your garage in the Plainfield, Bloomington, Indianapolis, or Fishers areas most of the time, you won’t be able to fully protect your windshield from cracks. If you’ve already discovered this and that tiny nick from an errant stone in your windshield has turned into a full crack, you should know that you have several options for fixing that glass in your vehicle. At Andy Mohr Collision Center,… Read More

Shattered Windshield

As drivers, we do our best to protect our windshield, but considering how often you’re behind the wheel, your windshield may be vulnerable to any number of dangers. It can get cracked or chipped anytime or anywhere, no matter if you're traveling through Bloomington, Plainfield, Indianapolis, or Fishers. The question is, will car insurance cover a cracked windshield? The short answer is yes, but it’ll depend on your insurance coverage. At Andy Mohr Collision Center,… Read More

cracked windshield

It’s never a sight anyone wants to see. You get in your car and your windshield is chipped. You also could be out driving and see this chip happen right in front of your very eyes. Now what? There are some dangers to driving with a chipped windshield, and it’s an issue that should be investigated by our technicians. Our Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Fishers chipped windshield services at Andy Mohr Collision Center will return your… Read More

Windshield Repair

If you’ve ever driven with streaks or dirt on your windshield, then you know what a nuisance an obstructed view can be. So, naturally, a chip or crack—something that can’t simply be washed away—is going to be far worse. When faced with windshield damage, Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers may be curious whether glass repair or replacement is the solution. This helpful article by the Andy Mohr Collision Center team may just help you… Read More