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Driving with a cracked window or windshield is always risky. To have a safer drive around Indianapolis, Fishers, Bloomington, and Plainfield, you should have it taken care of by a trained technician right away.

Should you schedule an appointment to get it replaced, or can they just repair it for you? Andy Mohr Collision Center explores both options and looks at the difference between glass repair and replacement in this helpful article!

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What Causes Glass to Crack and Chip?

Auto Repair Shop IN From rocks to pieces of asphalt, there are all kinds of objects that can get kicked up off the road and cause damage to your windows or windshield.

While there’s always a slight chance of your vehicle’s glass getting dinged or cracked, winter is the time of year when it’s most likely to happen. It’s at this time when roads can deteriorate as ice freezes inside of the asphalt. This creates more debris, on top of which you have to deal with ice and rock salt.

How a Windshield Gets Repaired

When your windshield can be repaired, a team of trained professionals will fill the crack or chip with a clear resin—think of it like superglue for you window. Once it dries, they’ll polish the window or windshield, and it’ll look clear and good as new!

When Can Glass Be Repaired?

When can your windshield be salvaged? It all depends on how long the crack is, or how wide the chip is. Even if it doesn’t look like a big deal, you’ll want to act fast.

If your windshield is chipped and the damage is small, a technician should be able to repair it. Anything bigger than a quarter, however, and you’ll likely need to get the whole pane of glass replaced. Size matters with a crack, too. If it’s less than 6 inches long—about the length of a dollar bill—they’ll usually be able to save the window.

However, if you continue driving with either a crack or chip, it could continue to grow. For that reason, it’s important to get them patched and repaired before the whole windshield has to be replaced.

When Does Glass Need to Be Replaced?

Auto Glass Replacement near IN Sometimes, even when you have a small crack or ding in your windshield, it’ll end up being replaced. Where the damage is located is just as important as how damaged it is. For example, if there’s a crack directly in front of the driver’s point of view, it’s usually a good idea to just get the windshield replaced.

While a long crack is obviously going to result in getting a new windshield, sometimes, a problem that looks small will be more than meets the eye. Let’s say you have a tiny chip in your windshield that’s located on the passenger’s side—it should be a simple repair, right? If that chip cuts deep enough into the glass, a technician might still recommend replacing the whole windshield.

Glass and Windshield Service

To learn more about the difference between glass repair and replacement, visit us at Andy Mohr Collision Center. Our team of technicians can help drivers all over Bloomington, Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Fishers fill or replace damaged auto glass.

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, schedule an appointment with us online!

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