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As you drive your car to work, around town, or on your next road trip, it’s exposed to the sun, the rain, and other elements. Eventually, your paint job on your car may begin to fade and lose that shiny look it originally had. Elemental damage is one of the leading causes of clear coat damage, thus making your paint job more susceptible to damage.

We know you want to keep your car looking its best in the Bloomington, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Plainfield areas, so we’re here to help. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we don’t just handle your car’s bumps and bruises from fender-benders. We can also help you keep your beloved car shining like new.

What Is the Clear Coat?

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Basically, every car has two coats of paint on it: the first coat and the clear coat. The first coat is the color of your vehicle, while the clear coat is just what it sounds like. The manufacturer goes over the paint with a clear coat to give your car that sparkle and shine that draws you to it.

Unfortunately, the clear coat is susceptible to peeling, especially if you park outside. It may not be obvious to the naked eye at first, as it will appear as a small bubbling. However, the process can spread quickly over time.

Preventing Clear Coat Peeling

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There are several ways to prevent the peeling of your clear coat, which include:  

  • Proper Car Care – When it comes to your car, proper washing and waxing is extremely important, as a lot of the debris in the environment can end up settling on your car’s exterior. As a result, the dirt and grime have a chance to settle in and damage the paint.
  • Proper Maintenance – If you want to keep the clear coat on your car intact, you need to make sure it gets proper maintenance at a professional body shop. The pros on staff will work to preserve your vehicle's showroom shine and keep the clear coat from peeling. 
  • Overexposure – Allowing your car to bake in the sun all day or sit with snow piled on top of it for extended periods of time isn’t healthy for the paint job and can lead to peeling quite easily.

Our Paint Shop

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With our full staff of certified service technicians, our collision centers can help you repair the damage that the elements and the environment have done.

We can match the color of your original paint job to ensure that you’ll be unable to see any damage that may have already been done, as well at protect it, from further damage. We know you expect your car to retain its appearance for as long as possible, so let us help.

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With four different locations in Bloomington, Fishers, Indianapolis, and Plainfield to serve you, it’s easy to schedule a service appointment to have your car, truck, or SUV repainted. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we provide dozens of collision repairs, so schedule your appointment today.

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