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Things That Cause Car Paint Damage

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Posted: November 27, 2018

No matter how often you may wash and wax your car, or how careful you might be, you might still be surprised to see some discoloration or scratches on your car’s paint after a time. “How did this happen?” you might ask yourself. And the answer could surprise you.
There are plenty of natural elements that can damage the paint jobs of Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington cars. Check out this article by the Andy Mohr Collision Center team to learn more.

1. Tree Sap

Parking your car under a tree may seem like a great idea in the summer. It’ll be shaded, after all, and shouldn’t feel too much like an oven when you get inside.
However, in addition to brushing off leaves and pollen frequently, you’ll also have to deal with tree sap. If left to sit on your car’s exterior, it can eat right through the paint’s clear coat, leading to unsightly discoloration.
If you see tree sap on your car, be sure to wash it off right away to avoid damage.

2. Bird Feces

Nothing can put a damper on that bright and shiny car wax faster than some unexpected… presents from a bird. And while you may think of that as little more than a disgusting nuisance, there’s more to it than that.
Bird droppings are actually fairly acidic. They won’t cause immediate damage to your car, but over time, they can definitely leave a stain on the paint job.

3. Sunlight

Well, this one is a little hard to avoid, isn’t it?
We all know how harmful ultraviolet rays can be to human skin, but they can be just as bad for your car’s paint. And unfortunately, there’s not really an automotive equivalent of Coppertone sunblock.
To ensure that those UV rays don’t oxidize your car’s paint, causing it to fade, you’ll want to keep your vehicle covered as much as possible in the summer. If a garage isn’t available, you may even want to cover it with a tarp.

4. Ice and Snow

Snowy winters are bad enough when you have to drive in them. But even when you’re safe at home during the storm, the snow and ice can still cause damage to your car’s paint.
For one thing, the extreme cold can cause an unpleasant chemical reaction in the paint, one which may cause it to warp.
Secondly, you’ll have to be extra careful when you clean off the snow and ice after the storm. Common brushes have been known to scrape and scratch the surface of a car. These can easily be repaired with paintless dent service.

5. Other People

All right, this one is a little out of your control. Because no matter how careful you are with your car’s exterior, there’s no accounting for other people’s actions.
Parking lots can be the trickiest areas here. Not only might someone back into your car and scratch the paint, they could also hit it with a shopping cart.

Does Your Car Need Any Work?

Damage to your car’s paint may be unsightly, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers can contact their local collision center for a bit of cosmetic work to spruce things up.

Get in touch with Andy Mohr Collision Center today to schedule your appointment!

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