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Common Car Interior Repairs

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Posted: October 31, 2018

Try as you might to keep the interior of your car clean and well tended, a little dirt, or perhaps even damage, is unavoidable over time. Since Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers cruise around so often, a bit of upkeep will be a necessity.

What are the most common car interior repairs, you ask? The Andy Mohr Collision Center team will break them all down for you in this handy article.

Carpet Reconditioning

The carpets of your car are sure to collect a lot of dirt, grime, and miscellaneous crumbs over time. That’s not to mention that you never know when you might spill something.

In order to shampoo and condition the carpet, you’ll first need to vacuum everything. Remove mats and use long, thin attachments to get into every crevice. Use hard-bristled brushes to scrub in a circular motion when the reconditioning phase arrives. Although it probably goes without saying, only use certified carpet cleaners.

Removing Stains

Stains on your car seats can be even more stubborn than stains in the carpets. Fortunately, there are plenty of home remedies you can use.

First, baking soda and warm water should be applied to the seats and be left to sit for 30 minutes or so in order to lift stains. You can then blot the seats dry and scrub them with a mixture of water, detergent, and vinegar to clean them further. It takes elbow grease, but the difference it makes will be huge.

Leather Restoration

While leather may appear sleeker than cloth seating appointments, it wears quite differently over time. Whereas cloth may just darken or pick up stains, the colors of leather will fade and the leather itself will collect grime and possibly crack.

Restoring leather is a long process of cleaning, binding, filling cracks, and then recoloring the seats. Typically, this isn’t a project most car owners will take on themselves, but leather restoration kits are available to help.

Fixing Plastic and Vinyl Scratches

Whether scratches appear in your vinyl seating or on the plastic of your dashboard and doors, they can certainly blemish the overall look of your car. To attempt to fix them, you’ll first want to thoroughly clean the car; starting with a degreaser may help. From there, you can use a homemade solution of vinegar, water, and baking soda. A magic eraser may also benefit you. To fill in the scratches, you’ll definitely want to invest in a kit—it will make your life a lot easier!

Removing Odors

From cigarette smoke to pet smells, certain odors have a way of sticking around. However, with some hard work, you can eliminate them.

Beyond thoroughly cleaning the car (including cleaning the vents and neutralizing the air intake), you can utilize a number of home items to rid the smells. Vinegar, coffee grounds, citrus fruits, and charcoal have all proven to be effective. Leaving them in your car for a period of time should hopefully do the trick.

Schedule Your Car Detail Now

While there are a few items on this list that you may be able to take care of at home, it’s always easier to turn to a professional to fix up your car’s interior. All Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers can turn to our team.

Save yourself some time and effort and schedule a car detail at Andy Mohr Collision Center today!

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