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Paint Correction vs Detailing

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Posted: April 8, 2019

Drivers looking to keep their car looking sleek and stylish will likely find themselves facing the question of if they should have paint correction or detailing performed. These two auto repair services are very different, but they both involve heavy cleaning of the vehicle.

In order to help you in finding the service that you need, Andy Mohr Collision Center has created this guide on the differences of these deep-cleaning options. Read more to learn what Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers can do to keep their cars as clean as possible.

What is Paint Correction?

As you drive your car, your paint will naturally develop imperfections. These typically take the form of tiny scratches that turn your coat of paint from a reflective sheen to a layer of swirly shallow marks. You’ll often see these scratches occur if you drive in dusty areas like off-road, and paint correction allows you to remove these marks.

Essentially, paint correction is the act of polishing your car to correct for any light imperfections. Rather than giving your car a fresh coat, you can simply buff out any scratches to create that perfectly reflective appearance once again.

In order to perform paint correction, you need to first clean your car off completely. Any dirt or other debris can get caught in the polishing machine and scratch your car even more. Once that’s done, simply use a large handheld polisher and slowly move it along your car’s body. Keep polishing until your car is free of paint imperfections.

What is Detailing?

If you want to give your car a thorough clean inside and out, detailing is the way to go. When you have your car detailed, it gets a deep cleaning that removes any dirt and grime from every corner of the car. This is a comprehensive way to make sure your car looks fantastic when it leaves the service center.

Car detailing covers both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, so the car gets a truly deep clean. Starting with the interior, your car will be washed and then inspected for any remaining debris sitting on the wheels and body of the car. Your car’s body may be waxed or polished to give it a glossier appearance.

Moving to the interior of the vehicle, your car’s seats will be vacuumed and often steam cleaned to give them a nice, crisp look. After any debris inside the cabin has been removed, some detailers may even add scents to the cabin to keep everything fresh.

How These Services Differ

While these services are very similar, paint correction is particularly focused on the exterior of the car, while detailing cleans the car throughout. That being said, paint correction is designed for removing scratches in the paint coat, whereas detailing is more about giving your car a deep clean.

Give Your Car a Full Cleaning at Our Service Center

If your car is in need of a thorough cleaning, the service team here at Andy Mohr Collision Center can help you. Our team has all the tools necessary to clean every inch of your vehicle so you look stylish on your commute. If you’re a Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington driver, schedule your next car cleaning with us today.

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