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Car Paint Chips Repair

Andy Mohr Collision Center

When driving your vehicle, it isn’t always possible to protect your paint job. Weather, errant stones from passing trucks, and even other drivers can cause your paint to chip. Luckily, you can help keep your car in top condition by seeking assistance with your chipped paint job in the Plainfield, Fishers, Bloomington, and Indianapolis, IN, areas.

While a tiny nick in your paint job isn’t an emergency, it may be something that draws your attention on a daily basis. However, if this issue remains, it may result in further damage to your vehicle. Allow us at Andy Mohr Collision Centers to help restore your car to its former state and also to protect it for years to come.

How Chipped Paint Hurts Your Car

Although a small chip in your paint may not seem like anything to be concerned about, it makes your car vulnerable to other potential damage. Any missing paint from your vehicle allows the air, rain, and other moisture to permeate the surface of your vehicle’s paint.

When the frame and body of your car come into contact with moisture, rust can grow. If rust is allowed to spread, it can begin to eat through some of the surfaces on your vehicle. Not only is the rust a cosmetic problem, but it can also easily spread to vital parts of your vehicle and damage the integrity of the frame or body.

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Our Paint Services

Whether you’re noticing only one chip in the paint or if a passing storm has caused numerous chips, we can help. We have a full team of ASE-certified collision service professionals who can go to work on making your vehicle look brand-new again.

Not only can we assist with any damage to your paint job, but we can also help if you have small dents or dings. Our paintless dent repair service allows us to fix minor damage to your vehicle without having to completely restore the paint job.

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Our Collision Centers

We’re fully equipped to handle any issues you may be experiencing with your paint job, including full repairs. However, this isn’t where our capabilities end, since we offer four convenient locations in Bloomington, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Plainfield, Indiana, to serve all your vehicle collision service needs.

Whether you need a front-end alignment, tire service, or frame repair, our certified collision professionals are here to help. From the comfort of your own home, you’re able to schedule your estimate with us at Andy Mohr Collision Centers at your own convenience. 

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