Common Dashboard Lights

Have you ever been driving around the Bloomington, Plainfield, Fishers, or Indianapolis areas and found that there is a new light shining on your dashboard display? It happens. Cars can’t speak to us, but they’re good at communicating their needs, especially through these dashboard lights. Not every dashboard light signifies an issue with your vehicle,… Read More

Auto Paint Job near Indiana

Every profession has its own lingo. The medical field has words like stat, CBC, and INR, while football players need to understand words like offsides and holding. It’s no different in the automotive world. In fact, there is more lingo to understand at your local service center in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington areas.… Read More

Hydroplane Driving Safety Tips

  No one likes to drive in the rain. In fact, most of us will avoid going outside in the Fishers, Indianapolis, Plainfield, and Bloomington areas when it’s raining, if we can. However, being an adult often makes this impossible since we still have to get to work, get the kids to school, or keep… Read More

Car Painting

No matter how often you may wash and wax your car, or how careful you might be, you might still be surprised to see some discoloration or scratches on your car’s paint after a time. “How did this happen?” you might ask yourself. And the answer could surprise you. There are plenty of natural elements… Read More

Take Footage of Accident

Accidents happen. We don’t want it to happen to you, but sometimes drivers can’t control the situations that may arise while they’re driving. Driving can be unpredictable, especially when we’re unable to anticipate our fellow drivers’ moves. They can happen anytime and anywhere, including while running your errands in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Bloomington, or Fishers… Read More