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Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

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Posted: October 30, 2018

Whether you’re commuting to downtown Indianapolis, running errands in Fishers and Plainfield, or taking a trip out to Bloomington, Indiana, you want to have a steady drive. If you start to feel your car or truck shaking with your hands on the wheel, it’s only natural to wonder why. 

Andy Mohr Collision Centers looks at some common causes for you to answer the question, “Why is my steering wheel shaking?” 

Is Your Steering Wheel Shaking or Vibrating?

Your steering wheel is your main connection to your car. After all, it’s where everything from the wheels to suspension comes together. 

So, when you’re sitting at the controls and this crucial part of your car starts shaking in your hands, you begin to wonder why. Simply put, it means something is either worn down or malfunctioning. 

Since this is the spot where you connect with the car during every second of your drive, you’ll be sure to feel any mechanical problem coming through. However, what are some of the parts that are most likely to cause this? 

Common Causes of Steering Wheel Shaking

A main area you’ll want to look at when searching for what’s causing the shaking is your wheels. You’ll be sure to feel any problems that start there since those parts are the most directly controlled by the steering wheel. 

One cause could be a problem with your tires. Check the tread for uneven wear or flat spots. It may be time to rotate them. You should also check the air pressure. A deflated tired can make the car off balance and produce shaking. 

Staying on the wheels, shaking and vibrations can also be caused by loose or worn-down wheel bearings. Usually, this can be fixed by tightening or replacing them. It’s wise to check every part of the wheels, though, including the tie end rods and ball joints 

A good way to tell whether you have a tire or wheel problem is to ask when the shaking occurs. If you only feel it when you’re driving fast, but don’t feel it when you’re stopped or idling, then that’s a good sign that it’s a tire or wheel issue. 

In some cases, a problem in these areas can be a sign of a problem with your alignment or suspension. If you regularly drive on tough roads or go off-roading, you may need a realignment or to get your suspension looked at. 

Not all steering wheel shakes and vibrations start under the car, though. If you feel them when you’re just idling or driving at slow speeds, it’s a safe bet that it’s an issue with your engine. 

Collision Centers 

Clearly, there are a few things that can cause your steering wheel to behave like there’s an earthquake inside your car. Due to this, it’s best to take it to one of our collision centers and have it looked at. 

Our team is made up of knowledgeable ASE-certified technicians, so you know you’ll be in good hands. They’ll be able to help you with all your needs, from wheel realignment to new tires and full transmission repair. 

We only use original manufacturer parts, too, so your car will be back on the road soon with a stable steering wheel and new genuine parts that were designed specifically for your make and model. 

Visit Us 

For drivers in Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs, like Fishers and Plainfield, IN, Andy Mohr Collision Centers hopes to provide great service to keep your car running smoothly for years. 

Whether you’re downtown or running to a game out in Bloomington, and you start to wonder, “Why is my steering wheel shaking?”, schedule an estimate with one of our collision centers to get your car running steady again. 

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