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Airbag FAQs

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Posted: October 30, 2018

Here at the Andy Mohr Collision Center, our team answered these airbag FAQs to help our drivers in Indiana: Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, Bloomington, and the surrounding communities. Why? Because they’re the most important factors in vehicle safety besides seatbelts! In the unfortunate event of a crash or a collision, they’re the second line of defense between you and whatever tragedy potentially awaits you.

So keep reading to have all your questions about airbag technology answered by the experts.

4 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Your Car’s Airbags

  1. When were airbags first made mandatory? In 1996, the US passed a federal law that required automotive manufacturers to install airbags in their vehicles. However, airbag technology had already become standard fare during the late 1980s and early 1990s. What a lifesaver—literally!
  2. How exactly does an airbag inflate? Hiding right behind your steering wheel or your dashboard is a powerful technology, packed away and ready to spring out at any moment. As soon as your car detects a collision, it breaks down sodium azide (NaN3), an inorganic compound that’s built into the airbags. Heat from a sensor-triggered ignitor separates the sodium azide into nitrogen gas and sodium metal, which then rapidly inflate the airbags. Thanks a lot, science. You rock!
  3. How quickly can an airbag open? Fortunately, modern airbags can blow up in a few milliseconds. They then eject from their containers at a rate close to 200 miles per hour!
  4. Why should you keep your children away from airbags? Luckily, today’s airbags are much less dangerous for kids than those previously used. However, we still advise that children under 13 always sit in the backseat. Otherwise, the force with which the bags expand could crush their delicate chests!

If your airbags deploy, visit us at the Andy Mohr Collision Center immediately!

Our skilled team of expert automatic technicians can take care of your vehicle after a collision.

First of all, they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to airbags. Next, they can restore anything else that’s damaged on your vehicle, as they’re well-versed in windshields, tires, paint jobs, body work, fenders, wheels, mirrors, front bumpers, etc.

Last, but certainly not least, they’ll carry out their work with the type of professional attitude that you have come to expect from our team. Let’s be honest: If you’ve just been through an accident, you want to best treatment available. They’ll work efficiently, effectively, and courteously to have your car, truck, crossover, SUV, or minivan back on the road in practically no time at all. Schedule an appointment now!

Set up your service center appointment on our website today.

Regardless of whether you live in Bloomington, Fishers, Indianapolis, Plainfield, or any of the nearby Indiana towns or cities, our Andy Mohr Collision Center is just a short drive down the road. Best of all, you can even schedule an appointment on our website at your convenience. Simply fill out the quick form.

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