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Why is My Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?

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Posted: October 30, 2018

There’s nothing like getting into a warm car during the brisk winter. Pre-heating your vehicle before heading out on your commute is a common practice among many drivers, especially in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington areas. However, some drivers experience issues like their car heater blowing cold air. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we’ve helped countless drivers with their automotive issues, so today we’re going to tackle this mystery that’s keeping your car cold.

How Does My Car Heater Work?

Drivers rely heavily on their car heater in the winter, not only to warm up the cabin of their vehicle, but to help remove some of the frost on the windows so they can see before hitting the road. Your car heater gets its function from the coolant.  It uses a component called the heater core, which is similar to a radiator. While the coolant is being pumped through your engine to help keep it from overheating, the engine warms the coolant to almost 200o. The liquid then flows through the radiator and the air absorbs the heat and uses a fan to push it through your vents.

Why is the Heater Blowing Cold Air Instead of Hot?

This is actually a common problem that doesn’t really have a simple answer. There are a few different factors that could be causing the confusion with the airflow. What you’ll need to do is take your vehicle in for service and an inspection so technicians can determine why your car heater is blowing cold air and preventing your vehicle from warming up. Here are the most common car heater problems that drivers encounter:

The Coolant Isn’t Flowing Through the Heater Core

Coolant is essentially to helping you warm up your car, among many other important functions. However, if coolant is restricted from flowing through your heater core, it can prevent your heat from flowing and you’ll be in for a chilly ride. Most often, coolant is restricted from flowing due to a blockage in your heater core. This can easily be fixed by flushing the heater core and opening up its valves.

Air is in Your Cooling System

This is actually a pretty common problem that driver’s face. Due to your heater core being the high point in your cooling system, air can actually flow through and get stuck. This will not only cause cool air to blow through your vents, but it will prevent your vehicle from warming up the cabin. The fix is that you’ll need to have the air bubbles flushed out.

The Thermostat is Stuck

The thermostat in your engine is essentially a valve that will open and close depending upon the temperature of the coolant. While the engine is warming up, the thermostat stays closed. However, once the coolant reaches its optimal temperature, the thermostat should open and begin providing warm air for the cabin. When the thermostat fails to open, it will restrict the air flow. If the thermostat won’t close, the coolant won’t be able to warm up enough, resulting in cool air blowing from your vents when you have it set on heat.

Fix the Issue Sooner Than Later

If there is cool air blowing from your car heater, you’ll want to take care of it as soon as possible so you can reduce the amount of chilly commutes. When you notice that there’s cool air coming from your car heater, and your vehicle can’t seem to get warm enough, you’ll want to seek out the help of our technicians at Andy Mohr Collision Center. We’d be happy to take a look and help you get your car warm for the winter.

At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we’re here to help drivers in Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington. Schedule your service today!

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