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Common Alternator Problems

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Posted: October 30, 2018

Have you ever walked out of your house in the morning to start your car and discovered that the key was ineffective? We’ve all had the days where our car wouldn’t start when we most needed it to. If you’re experiencing alternator problems in the Fishers, Indianapolis, Bloomington, or Plainfield areas, we’re here to help.

Don’t allow your alternator to make you late for work or for plans with your friends. Instead, let us check things out at Andy Mohr Collision Center. Typically, you’ll notice signs that the alternator is beginning to go before it actually happens, so bring it in so we can take a look before it goes kaput.

Signs That Your Alternator Is Going Bad

There are some indicators that your alternator may be on the way out that you can be on the lookout for before something happens. This way, you’ll be able to get it into us to have it taken care of.

  • Electrical Issues– Have you noticed that your windows are a bit slower to go down these days? This could be indicative of a failing alternator, as there is no longer enough charge to power everything.
  • Dimming Lights– One surefire way to detect an alternator that is in poor repair is that your headlights dim frequently. You may notice it with your dome light as well and some people say if it worsens as your RPMs increase, it’s a definite issue.
  • Dead Battery– When your alternator isn’t functioning right, your car is going to rely more heavily on the battery, thus draining it, virtually overnight. If jump-starting your car has become a recent tradition, your alternator may be getting ready to fail.
  • Stalling– If your engine has been cutting off while you’re driving, this could be a good sign that your alternator is going bad. Since the fuel injection needs more power than it’s getting, it can no longer power the engine to the right degree.
  • Warning Light– Many new cars have their own indicator light to show you that the alternator isn’t functioning the way it should. If you notice a light that looks like a battery, this is the light you’re looking for, but in some cars, it also just says ALT on your dash.

Starter vs Alternator Problems: Our Service Centers

There may be another issue with your car if it doesn’t start, which could be the starter. The two are often confused but there are some telltale signs of a bad starter. The first of these signs is that the car won’t start and all you’re hearing is a series of clicks. Another signal is that you have difficulty starting the car sometimes, as it may hesitate on occasion.

At our collision center, we can help you make the necessary auto repairs to your vehicle before your car doesn’t start. If you’re noticing any, or all, of the aforementioned signs, then there is still time to take care of things before the alternator, or even the starter, completely fails and becomes an issue.

Schedule an Appointment for Service

Let us help you prevent any issues that may arise from a faulty alternator. If you’re experiencing symptoms in the Plainfield, Bloomington, Indianapolis, or Fishers areas, give us a call. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to call during regular business hours, feel free to schedule your future service online with us at Andy Mohr Collision Center.

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