Accidents can cause a good amount of damage whether they’re minor fender benders or a major collision. One aspect of your vehicle that can easily take some damage after a collision is your suspension system. To show Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington area drivers what to look for when dealing with suspension damage after an… Read More

  Have you found yourself in a fender bender and recently realized that your car has taken more damage than you initially thought? If so, you may be wondering how long since the day of the accident can you seek help from your car insurance agency. In order to make sure your car gets back… Read More

If you’ve recently been in an accident or maybe you drive an older car, something you might encounter is a loose front bumper. This part of your car largely works to protect the rest of your vehicle’s components from damage, so it’s important to have it repaired. In order to help Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and… Read More

Rear end crash

When you’ve found yourself in a collision, you may be wondering if whether you should get the police involved. There are several reasons why you should and while it may seem like a lot, having the police weigh in is usually better than dealing with the accident yourself. To provide drivers with knowledge of how… Read More

When it comes to diagnosing problems with a car, many people may jump to blame parts like the engine, tires, brakes, or transmission. However, one aspect that many drivers may not consider when dealing with car repairs is the condition of their undercarriage. For that reason, our team at Andy Mohr Collision Center has explored… Read More