Connect on Facebook There are few things more exhilarating than zipping around a skate rink and there’s fun to be had for all ages at Franklin Skate Club. Whether you’re new to skating or you’re eager to host a party for the whole family, this rink is happy to offer something for everyone. Available Private… Read More

If you’ve recently been in an accident, a big part of getting everything back to normal is maintaining a steady schedule. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we’re here with rental car services to help make sure you can keep on going to work. We want to provide everything we can to make the process of… Read More

So, you’ve found yourself in a minor accident and you get out to assess the damage. To your surprise, it looks as though your car is fine and so is the car of the other driver. The two of you agree that for the sake of avoiding a higher insurance premium, you won’t report the… Read More

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a multi-car accident or you were just in a little fender bender. Either way, damage to the front end of a car can be quite common. However, the extent to the damage may not always be obvious right away. We’d like to explore the ins and outs of front-end damage… Read More

Connect on Facebook Dogs have helped people with a wide number of things but above all else they have been loyal companions. Enter Paws & Think, this organization specializes in training and providing therapy dogs to offer emotional care to people in need. To find out more about how this organization helps people find the… Read More