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What Happens If the Insurance Estimate Is Lower Than the Body Shop’s Estimate?

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Posted: June 29, 2020

When coming to the facility at the Andy Mohr Collison Center, you may have a few questions that extend beyond the services provided to your vehicle. We understand.

For many years, we’ve not only been servicing models around Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, IN, but also informing local drivers about their options. A common question we receive is, “What happens if the insurance estimate is lower than the body shop’s estimate?”

Along with addressing this common question, we hope to give you more insight into the entire relationship between yourself, insurance agencies, and body shops!

Understanding a Gap Between the Insurance Estimate and Body Shop Estimate

If your vehicle has been involved in some sort of accident and must receive care from a body shop, your insurance agency is going to place an estimate on the financial cost of repairs. The body shop will also place an estimate on repairs; yet, sometimes, there’s a gap between the two estimates. So, what happens?

Well, at our service center, we’ll come to an agreement with you about how to cover the gap in repair costs. Various incentives or payment adjustments can be taken into consideration so that you are able to drive your vehicle again while receiving worthwhile value on repairs.

Another possibility is to speak with your insurance agency and discuss this gap in estimates. While not always the case, they may also have backup plans in place for this type of unique instance.

Finally, we’ll get in contact with your insurance agency to best determine a course of action. Disagreements between quoted prices, while rare, do happen. So, this isn’t uncharted territory for either side. The end goal is always the same, though: to create a situation where you can get back on the road with your model safely in hand.

Why Might an Insurance Agency and Body Shop Have Different Estimates?

Typically, the estimates for model repairs are similar, whether you’re getting a quote from your insurance agency or your body shop. When there is a disagreement, it can be about a few discrepancies.

First, the type of parts being used will come into play. Replacing parts is common practice after accidents, yet the price of these parts can occasionally cause a disagreement between insurance agencies and body shops.

Additionally, a body shop may find that a part needs to be replaced when the insurance agency is of the belief that the part is still of use. These types of competing ideas can be ironed out, however, with the sides reconciling on the overall cost of your repair quote.

Learn More About Insurance and Body Shop Estimates

The estimated cost of repairs for your model may be a different figure, depending on who you talk to. To help find the information you’re seeking, our Andy Mohr Collison Center staff is always around to answer questions.

If you’ve recently had a fender bender around Plainfield, Fishers, Bloomington, or Indianapolis, Indiana, give us a call!

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