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What Happens When the Insurance Estimate is Too Low?

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Posted: March 20, 2020

You’ve been in an accident and it’s time to get an estimate on what your insurance company can provide you.

Coming up with a good figure on what you can expect to pay for repairs can be difficult, so it’s not uncommon to get a low estimate. That’s not an issue, though, and to show you what you can do, Andy Mohr Collision Center is here to help you out.

When we’re done helping you get the insurance estimate you deserve, you’ll be back getting around the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington areas in no time.

Get a Second Opinion

When you contact your insurance company, one of the first things you’re likely going to do is get your car inspected by an insurance agent. Traditionally, an agent will be sent to you to take a look at your car. However, more insurance companies are letting drivers submit a photo of their car’s damage.

Your insurance company will provide an estimate on what they think needs to be replaced, but it’s often a good idea to have your car inspected by a technician, as well. It never hurts to get a second opinion from a trained technician who will be able to provide a more in-depth analysis of the damaged parts.

If your mechanic comes to you with a higher estimate, that’s not a problem. Simply tell your insurance company that the body shop is estimating much higher repairs. Your insurance company should comply with a higher estimate, as long as you haven’t cashed in the check they gave you for the first estimate.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Information on the Accident

One of the easiest ways to ensure you get an accurate insurance estimate is to collect as much information on the accident as possible. One of the most important things to do at an accident is take as many pictures of the damage on all cars involved. Don’t forget to get the insurance and contact information of any drivers involved, as well.

It’s also important not to hesitate to call the police if you’ve been in a collision. Not only can they be helpful mediators when it comes to dealing with other drivers involved, insurance companies can also make use of the police report. This can be a huge help when it comes to getting an accurate estimate on your car’s damage.

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Have Your Car Taken to a Body Shop as Soon as Possible

Finally, a great way to ensure that you get an accurate insurance estimate is to take your car to a body shop as soon as possible.
From here, you can have an estimate ready, so your insurance company has a clear idea of the repair costs from the get-go.

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If you want an accurate estimate on the repairs needed for your vehicle, we can help you here at Andy Mohr Collision Center.

Once you’re all taken care of, you’ll be back to enjoying the streets of Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington.

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