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Can I Make a Car Insurance Claim Without a Police Report?

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Posted: June 5, 2019

When you’ve found yourself in a collision, you may be wondering if whether you should get the police involved. There are several reasons why you should and while it may seem like a lot, having the police weigh in is usually better than dealing with the accident yourself. To provide drivers with knowledge of how to handle accidents, Andy Mohr Collision Center has brought you this detailed guide. Keep reading to learn all about what you should do as a driver in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington areas.

When Should You Definitely Call the Police in an Accident?

If you’re in a minor fender bender, calling the police may seem unnecessary as you can simply settle the matter with the other driver. Legally speaking, this is fine—you’re within your rights to settle minor property damage with the other driver. There are some situations, though, where you’re obligated to contact the police. These are cases in which drivers are physically injured or there is a significant amount of property damage done to the car. These laws vary from state to state, though, be sure to research what your local laws require.

Do Insurance Companies Require a Police Report?

No, you shouldn’t be required to have a police report for an insurance claim, but having a police report will make the insurance process a lot easier. For insurance companies, hearing a reliable report from a police officer can help the claim lean much more in your favor. In the eyes of an insurance company, if you don’t have a police report, it’s your word against the word of another driver. The police will be able to record more detailed information that helps to make sure the insurance adjuster has a clear idea of what happened.

Other Reasons to File a Police Report for an Accident

In addition to it simply helping to prove fault in an accident, having the police arrive to take care of a collision can be helpful for several other reasons. Likely, the most notable is the fact that police can bring order to any traffic disruption caused by the accident. Having someone who’s able to direct traffic and manage the situation can be a huge help. In addition, having a police report can be good to have on your side if a driver seeks legal reparations for damages to their car. With a formal police report on your side, you won’t be working with just basic eyewitness testimony. A police report will help solidify all information taken from the scene, so you have a good basis for your point of view.

Schedule Service Through Our Collision Center

Getting everything in order after an accident can take some time but with our team on your side you’ll be on the road in no time. Andy Mohr Collision Center will work with you to get your car working in excellent shape. If you’re a Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington driver who’s recently been in an accident, schedule service with us online or over the phone today!  

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