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How to File a Car Accident Report

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Posted: March 13, 2019

Car accidents can happen. They’re unfortunate, but they do happen. When you’re traveling around the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington areas, your safe driving isn’t always enough. However, a car accident doesn’t always have to be a burden, as we are well-equipped to assist you in the instance something happens.

At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we can handle all your post-accident repairs and we’ll happily work with your insurance company to ensure the full payment for your repairs. However, many insurance companies require a formal accident report in order to get a claim started. Here are the basics of how to file this report.

Step-by-Step Instructions to File a Car Accident Report

  1. Call the Police – If you’re involved in a car accident that causes damage to your vehicle or another, or causes bodily harm, your first duty is to call the police. A good rule of thumb for when they need to be contacted is if the airbag has deployed in your car or the other vehicle, however this is not a hard and fast determination.
  2. Collect the Required Information – Before the police arrive at the scene, there is some information that you can take care of ahead of time. You can jot down the license plates of all the vehicles involved, including a description that contains the make and model. You can also prepare yourself by having your insurance card and registration at the ready.
  3. Provide Your Statement – The officer who reports to the scene will speak with all parties involved to determine what happened during the course of the car accident. Be clear and concise, admit no fault, and avoid unnecessary conversation with the other driver prior to the police officer’s arrival.
  4. Collect Additional Information – For your own records, collect some additional information at the scene. Ask for the name and badge number of any officer who reports to the scene. Additionally, get the names of any witnesses who’ve gathered around and collect photos after the collision. People tend to notice things that happened during the collision that you didn’t notice. Their reports will be invaluable during the process. When you’ve spoken to everyone that you can and collected all the info you need, take some photos of your car and any other car involved.
  5. Contact Your Insurance Company – In order to complete the repairs on your vehicle, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. Many of these companies will require a copy of the official accident report. At this point, you’ll need to contact the local police department in order to obtain the required paperwork.

Schedule Your Post-Collision Service Today

We recognize the importance of your vehicle in your daily life, and we want to help you restore your vehicle to its former glory as soon as possible following your accident. In the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Fishers areas, you’ll need your vehicle to get to work, school, and everywhere you go, so allow us to finish your repairs faster. Once you’ve obtained the accident report you need for your insurance company, schedule your service at Andy Mohr Collision Center.

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