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What Is Front End Damage to a Car?

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Posted: November 19, 2019

What is Front End Damage to a Car?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a multi-car accident or you were just in a little fender bender. Either way, damage to the front end of a car can be quite common. However, the extent to the damage may not always be obvious right away.

We’d like to explore the ins and outs of front-end damage to a car with Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers. To help, Andy Mohr Collision Center has brought you this guide showing you the details with repairing a car after a collision.

Cosmetic Damage

What is Front End Damage to a Car?

First off, we’ll start with basic damage that will be the most obvious to you upon an initial inspection: cosmetic damage. In the case of front-end damage, this is going to be damage to the front bumper or fascia that affects the aesthetics of the car.

Cosmetic damage is particularly categorized as damage that doesn’t affect the operation of the car. If you’re in a fender bender, the dent to your front bumper isn’t going to affect how your car drives too much, but it will be the first thing you see when you get out of your car.

Internal Damage

When your car is in a collision, there’s a lot of force between the two vehicles, and all that force has to go somewhere. If you find that there wasn’t much cosmetic damage to your vehicle, there’s still a good chance that there may be internal damage. This means that your engine, transmission, or even electrical equipment may need to be repaired.

Internal damage isn’t always obvious, so it’s good to pay close attention to your vehicle after an accident. If you notice your engine making strange sounds or your transmission shifting strangely, there could be internal damage.

Sometimes, a collision may even cause frame damage, which will have your car’s body sitting improperly on the basic frame of the vehicle. This may cause you to hear extra road noise or make your car handle poorly until the frame damage has been repaired.

How to Fix Front End Damage to a Car

What is Front End Damage to a Car?

Repairing front-end damage can be a simple process, depending on how much damage was done. Fender benders with minor cosmetic damage can be quickly fixed with the help of paintless dent repair. During this repair, dents are gradually pushed back into their original position so that paint isn’t needed during the repair process.

For more extensive internal damage, it really all depends on what components were affected in the collision. An engine that’s been damaged enough may need to be rebuilt, for example. Frame damage can be fixed by carefully working the frame back into its original place.

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No matter what the extent of your damage is, the team here at Andy Mohr Collision Center is ready to help. We’re fully equipped to help Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers with the front-end damage to their car.

Do you need to have a repair done to your front end? Schedule a service appointment with us today!

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