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Front Bumper Replacement

Andy Mohr Collision Center

The front bumper of your car was made to take a fair amount of damage. However, after a frontal collision, there’s a good chance you might need to have that bumper replaced altogether.

Drivers in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington areas can turn to Andy Mohr Collision Center for all their major car repairs. We’re happy to replace a number of major vehicle components, including your front bumper.

Bumper Repair Bloomington, IN
Bumper Repair Indianapolis, IN

What Is My Bumper Made Of?

Car bumpers are typically made of out plastic. For extra protection, they include a bar made out of steel or aluminum. In some vehicles, the front bumper is made out of polypropylene to absorb collision impact.

What is a Front Bumper Assembly?

A vehicle’s front bumper assembly is a cover of the bumper that enhances the aesthetic of the way your car looks. It helps blend the bumper with your car to make it look like one piece. You may have damage to this area of your car and if so, our team can help.

Our Collision Center Has the Right Parts

The front bumper is in place to absorb a fair amount of damage during a car accident. This is damage that hopefully won’t affect the engine compartment or passenger cabin after the fact.

If the bumper is merely damaged, there’s a good chance that our skilled technicians will be able to repair it for you. However, in extreme cases, the front bumper will need to be replaced entirely—a job which our team is more than equipped to handle.

In addition to having years of experience under their belts, our technicians are equipped with many up-to-date tools and replacement parts. Once they’ve diagnosed the full extent of your car’s damages, they can promptly get to work on replacing all necessary components. They’ll have your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Towing & Rental Services

The damages sustained during your collision may be enough to put your car out of commission completely. If that’s the case, you’re going to need a tow truck to come retrieve your car for you.

Contact our collision center if your car is stuck on the side of the road. We’ll put you in contact with our towing partners to get you and your vehicle to a safe location.

Once your car is in our hands for repairs, you may need a rental to help you get to and from work and school while your car is being fixed. Luckily, we also offer car rentals to our customers.

Schedule Your Front Bumper Replacement

Even if its still runs, your car shouldn’t be out on the road post-accident without a front bumper. When you require a front bumper replacement in the areas of Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington, contact the Andy Mohr Collision Center team. Schedule your bumper replacement today.

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