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Front Bumper Replacement Indianapolis, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

If you were recently involved in a collision or another emergency situation, our team here at Andy Mohr Collision Centers can help get your vehicle back to looking and driving at its best. 

If the front of your vehicle was hit, chances are the bumper may need to be repaired. If you are in need of a front bumper replacement near Indianapolis, IN, our skilled technicians can perform that and whatever other repairs your vehicle needs in a timely manner while still maintaining a high level of quality and care. 

The Importance of the Bumper

The front bumper of your car is designed to protect other components of your car. When you are involved in a frontal collision, the bumper is there to physically absorb shock from the impact. This way, the hood, grille, and other components in the front of your car aren’t severely damaged. By the bumper absorbing the impact, you’re also kept more protected and secure inside the cabin of your vehicle. 

In the back of your car, you also have a rear bumper. This bumper is designed to keep your trunk, fuel, exhaust, and cooling system safe. Typically, this component is damaged in a rear-end collision, but damage can also occur from backing up and colliding into a nearby obstacle. 

When your front or rear bumper becomes damaged from a collision, you will want to have it replaced immediately. This is so you can continue to drive around with the parts in the front of your car being guarded by the bumper. 

Getting a Bumper Replacement Indianapolis IN

Whether your front or rear bumper has become damaged in an accident, you can bring it to our collision center near Indianapolis and have our trained technicians fix it for you. They have experience working on a range of models, so they know the assembly of various vehicles and the parts needed in each one. 

Our team utilizes genuine OEM parts for a higher level of quality and care. These parts are made specifically for your brand, model, and trim and are built to last longer and withstand more conditions. 

Quick Dented Bumper Repairs

Our hardworking team will also be able to determine if your bumper just needs to be mended or if the whole thing will need to be replaced. If they do need to replace your front bumper, they will be able to get the correct components to replace it—parts that are specifically designed for your model. 

If the bumper is salvable, we will work quickly to repair the dent or minor damage. Since your bumper is such an essential component of your vehicle, we’ll make sure your car is getting the proper care and maintenance it deserves. 

Other Services at Our Body Shop Indianapolis

Our Indianapolis body shop not only provides you with the bumper repairs you need but can also perform any other services following a collision. Some of these repairs include: 

  • Headlight replacements 
  • Minor scrapes and dents 
  • Door replacements 
  • Tire replacements and alignments 

Our bumper repair center has experience working with a range of insurance companies as well. Stop in at your earliest convenience for an estimate, and we’ll contact your insurance company to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. A member of our team will work side by side with you to keep you updated on the status of your repairs as well as what your insurance will be covering. Everyone’s deductible and coverage are different, so we’ll make sure you stay in the know. 

Even if you’re not using your insurance company to cover the damages, a member of our team will stay in contact with you every step of the way, so you can feel confident your vehicle is being well taken care of. 

At the Collision Center 

After assessing the initial damage done to your car after an accident, you may determine that it is unsafe to drive your car. You also want to make sure your car isn’t just taken anywhere to get fixed. 

If this is the case, you can give us a call and we can come up with a solution for you. With recommendations to towing services, we can get you and your vehicle safely to our collision center. 

Then, while your car is in the great care of our ASE-certified technicians, we can also recommend a car rental for you. That way, you won’t have to miss any other appointments you have, whether you need to get back to work or home before the kids get back from school. 

Schedule an Estimate to Have Your Front Bumper Fixed 

Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Centers today if you need a front bumper replacement near Indianapolis, Indiana. Once you schedule an estimate, you can pick a time that fits into your schedule to have your car repaired. You can also give us a call to discuss an estimate and how to work in tandem with your insurance company to get the bumper repair you need. 

Our technicians will work diligently to replace your bumper and make sure the rest of your vehicle is inspected for damage. That way, we can get your car back to you as soon as possible in great condition once again. Reach out to us today if you have any additional questions or if you’re ready to get started! 

Andy Mohr Collision Centers