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Top Places for Hidden Vehicle Damage

Andy Mohr Collision Center Blog

Posted: February 21, 2019

Have you recently been involved in a small car accident, where little-to-no damage could be detected from the exterior of the vehicle? If so, you may still want to consider having your vehicle checked out by a professional, no matter how minor the collision seemed when it happened. Even if you experienced a minor fender-bender in the Bloomington, Fishers, Plainfield, or Indianapolis areas, it may lead to serious damage.

At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we have the resources to help you repair the damage done to your vehicle, no matter how small it may seem. Sometimes, in the event of a small collision, there can be unseen damage that you don’t expect. For this reason, we’d like you to bring your vehicle to one of our four convenient locations, so our ASE-certified technicians can take a closer look at it.

Sites of Hidden Damage

  1. Frame Damage – When you strike another car at a certain rate of speed, you can do damage to the frame that is easily detected. For instance, in a severe rear end collision, the rear portion of the frame may be pushed in. However, any level of collision can also damage the frame of your vehicle.

In newer vehicles, there are several sensors that are part of the frame, which can easily be damaged when a collision occurs. If your airbag system doesn’t deploy, you still run the risk of potential damage to that system and its integrity will need to be verified for your safety purposes.

  1. Electronics – As we formerly mentioned, there are dozens upon dozens of different sensors that can be damaged during even the smallest collision. Many of these sensors are not associated with frame damage, so we’ll want to take a closer look at each and every operating system in your vehicle.

Everything from the anti-lock braking system to the traction control system are controlled by sensors. The slightest bump can knock these sensors offline and thus create a bevy of functional problems for your vehicle.

  1. Bumper – In older vehicles, the bumper and grille can be easily damaged, and that damage will be visible. However, this type of vehicle damage can also cause issues with the radiator, which will cause a host of problems further down the road, including engine issues.

However, if you have a newer vehicle that has been loaded up with parking sensors, backup cameras, or proximity sensors, the bumper plays host to dozens of different working components. If your vehicle sustains damage to the front or rear bumper, these features could also be damaged as well.

Our Service Center

Whether your damage is easily detectable, in the form of a dent or paint damage, or if it’s hidden from your view, collisions can cause further issues with your vehicle. Our service centers are equipped to handle any problem that may arise from even the smallest of collisions. We have a team of ASE-certified technicians on hand to help with both major and minor damage.

We can handle everything from chips in your paint job to frame damage and everything in between. We offer convenient online scheduling, so we encourage you to make an appointment for service, no matter how minor your collision seemed. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we also offer four convenient locations to serve all our drivers in the Bloomington, Plainfield, Fishers, and Indianapolis areas.

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