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Where is There a Collision Center in Bloomington, IN?

Whether you’ve been involved in a recent collision and your car could use some assistance or if there’s been a project you’ve been waiting to tackle with the body of your vehicle, you’re in luck. Our auto body shop is conveniently located here in the Bloomington area for all your collision needs. From your quick and easy dent repair to much more complex concerns, we’re here to help. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we understand that your vehicle has been damaged, and no matter how it happened you need it fixed as soon as possible. We’ve got you covered, offering a bevy of services that will be performed by ASE Certified service technicians, thus ensuring your vehicle’s complete restoration to like-new condition.

Our Direct Repair Programs

Hanover Insurance Group and Shelter Insurance

Our Body Shop Services

We offer a bevy of different collision services that are meant to help restore the body of your car, post fender-bender or full-scale accident. No matter the amount of body damage you’re detecting on your vehicle, you want to make sure that your collision didn’t do further harm, so allow us to check it out. With our complete menu of body related services, your vehicle is in the best hands possible, so trust us to work our magic. We offer these services to help get your car back to its best condition:

paint repair

Paint Repair

There are several different ways your paint job can be damaged in the course of your daily life. Car doors can sustain paint damage from doors being opened into them or being sideswiped on the street where your car’s been parked. We can help make your car look new again with our paint repair services.


In the course of normal travel, potholes, debris, and more can do serious damage to your vehicle’s alignment. We can help with this type of damage by providing alignment services. We’ll get your car set up to examine exactly where the alignment is off and we’ll correct it to prevent further tire and wheel damage from being done.

Aluminum Repairs

Aluminum repairs are one of our specialties. If your vehicle has been hit and needs extensive body work, we can repair or replace any aluminum parts your vehicle needs.

Auto Glass Repair

It may be the time of the year for trucks to expel errant chunks of ice, snow, or stones from the top of them. While sometimes this is completely avoidable, there are also times where that unexpected item comes into contact with your windshield and a crack is left behind. As driving with a crack in your windshield can inhibit your field of vision, it’s necessary to repair it. We can handle auto glass repair on your windshield, windows, or back window.

frame repair

Frame Repair

A collision can cause dents, dings, scratches, and more damage that you didn’t expect to your vehicle. But did you know that the frame of your vehicle can also be bent during even a minor collision? Depending on the point of impact, your car’s frame—the part on which the body of the vehicle is seated—can become damaged in even the most minor collision. If this happens, your car won’t drive the same way and it will need to be repaired, so you’ll need to schedule auto frame repair with us.

Bloomington Collision Center

Fleet Repair

Another one of our specialties is fleet repair. We can get your fleet vehicles back on the roads in a timely manner so your business doesn’t skip a beat. We can work on GM, Toyota and other manufacturers!

Front Bumper Service

Fender benders happen and the front bumper of your vehicle can be damaged in the process. As many bumpers are made from a different material than the body of the car, they’re more easily dented. For the most part, this damage is considered cosmetic, but should still be checked out and replaced to prevent rust damage or further issues with the front end of your vehicle.

ProFirst Honda Body Shop

You probably want to make sure your Honda is getting the maintenance it deserves. For that, you’re going to want to start with the most talented technicians available. Finding those technicians is easy when you search through the ProFirst Honda Program. This program certifies Honda body shops so you can be sure that you’re receiving expert care for your vehicle.

Our team at Andy Mohr Collision Center is happy to say we offer ProFirst Honda expertise for Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers.

Rental Car Service

If you’ve been involved in a collision, your car will require repairs, which we can provide. However, this also means that you’ll be without a car during the course of said repairs. While we’ll expediently perform the repair necessary on your vehicle, you still need a car and we can help with that. Our rental car services allow you to arrange a rental and pick it up from our location, so you can proceed with your day as planned.

About Our Team

In the mission to provide our customers with the best body shop care possible, we’ve assembled a team of highly qualified technicians to perform the required work. All of our mechanics are ASE Certified, thus ensuring that they’ve been trained in every aspect of complex car repair, thus ensuring that your vehicle is always in good hands with us. Each member of our team possesses the expertise required to begin restoring your vehicle to its former glory following an accident or any other damage. Our service center is stocked with high quality, routinely inspected equipment that is capable of all offered repairs, while our parts department contains many different OEM parts to make sure that your car’s integrity is preserved.

Exploring Bloomington

If your vehicle doesn’t need too much work and you’re choosing to wait for the repairs to be done, you may want to spend some time exploring the Bloomington area. Spending a day with the kids will be a lot less tricky than trying to entertain them in our waiting room, as you can take them to WonderLab. This kid-centric museum offers kid-friendly science and technology exhibits. If you’re dropping your vehicle off and hanging around the Bloomington area for the evening, then stop in at Oliver Winery or Butler Winery to try a taste of their finest offerings. Stick around to grab a lovely dinner or have a drink in town before heading home.

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If your vehicle has recently sustained some measure of damage that will require body or frame repair, we’re here for you. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, our service technicians are fully prepared to help you get your car back on the road in great condition. Not only can we work with you to find a repair schedule that works, but we’ll also work with any insurance company to ensure your vehicle gets all the help it may need to restore it, post-collision. Schedule online or contact us today to get your vehicle back into shape.

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