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Body Panel Repair near Bloomington IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Have you recently been involved in a collision that’s left your ride with some body damage? At Andy Mohr Collision Center near Bloomington, IN, our technicians perform lots of body panel repairs on many automotive makes and models.

Are you unsure of what body panel repair is? No worries! On this page, we will inform you all about body panel repair, why it’s done, common types of body panel repair, and other services you may need post-collision. Read on to learn more.

What Is Body Panel Repair?

Body Panel Repair Bloomington, IN | Andy Mohr Collision Centers

To start, body panel repair refers to a type of service where a technician will completely repair or replace a body panel on your vehicle. Most vehicles are engineered with replaceable body panels that can easily be switched out in the event of serious damage. Your vehicle has many body panels, such as:

  • Hood
  • Trunk lid
  • Bumper
  • Fender
  • Doors

As an example, let’s say you’ve been involved in a rear-end collision. The potential indent on your rear bumper may take more time trying to remove the dent than completely replacing the bumper. In some cases, a complete body panel overhaul saves you time and money than if you were to try and fix the damage.

Common Types of Body Panel Repair

Body Panel Repair Bloomington, IN | Andy Mohr Collision Centers

If you’ve incurred damage to one of the body panels above, you may need body panel repair depending on the severity of the damage. Before you bring your vehicle into the shop, you can read what kind of repairs or replacements to expect with each kind of body panel damage below:

  • Hood: If your hood has crumpled due to impact or if it has been deeply dented from a fallen tree branch or another heavy item, you will most likely need to have it replaced.
  • Trunk lid: This body panel is similar to the hood. If it experiences any damage, it will probably need to be replaced. However, this part is easy to find for most cars and trucks.
  • Bumper: Depending on the severity of the impact on the front or rear bumper, you may need an overall replacement. However, it’s best to ask a technician for their thoughts first.
  • Fender: This is another one of those cases where it’s best to have your fender’s injuries checked out to determine its repair and replacement direction.
  • Doors: Car doors are made of many electrical and mechanical parts that may be damaged post-collision. It’s best to replace the entire door to make sure its functionality is retained. We’re here to help with car door frame repair.

Other Post-Collision Services

When you’ve been involved in an accident, there may be other underlying issues you can’t see from the physical damage. When you bring your vehicle into our shop, our highly skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any other damages. You may need these additional services and repairs post-accident:

  • Auto frame repair
  • Windshield repair
  • Driveshaft service
  • Tie rod replacement
  • Auto scratch repair and more!

Need Body Panel Repair?

After learning about body panel repair, do you have any questions? If so, stop by Andy Mohr Collision Center near Bloomington, Indiana, to consult with one of our technicians today.

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