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Front-End Alignment Near Me

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Front-End Alignment

Does something in the front of your car feel a bit uneven lately? If so, it may be time to get a front-end alignment near Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington, IN. It’s convenient to get a front-end alignment at Andy Mohr Collision Centers, which has plenty of great locations. We’ll gladly take care of all your maintenance and auto repair needs.

Below, you can learn all about the warning signs that a front-end alignment is needed, how often you should have this done, and the other collision services we offer at our body shop. Keep reading below!

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How Do I Know If I Need a Front-End Alignment?

Front-End Alignment

When it comes to needing a front-end alignment, it could be caused by three occurrences, including:

  • Sudden impact. When you go over a speedbump too fast, hit a curb, get into an accident, or run into a pothole, this can cause a misalignment.
  • Suspension components. If your shocks or struts are malfunctioning or wearing unevenly, this can be a reason to schedule a front-end alignment.
  • Vehicle modifications. If you recently lifted your vehicle, this can throw off the suspension’s operation. In this case, you’ll need an alignment to correct your vehicle’s height and suspension.

Now that you know how your vehicle’s front end can misalign, you’re probably wondering what signs to pay attention to when you need a front-end alignment. Luckily, there are plenty of signs that indicate your vehicle is due for a front-end alignment. They include:

  • A crooked steering wheel (even when you’re driving straight)
  • Squealing tires
  • Your steering wheel is shaking
  • Your vehicle keeps pulling to the right or left
  • Uneven or rapid tire wear

Your vehicle steering to one side is the biggest sign you should schedule a front-end alignment near you. You’ll notice when you come to a stop that the car will start to pull to one side of the road. You’ll have to fight against it a little bit to keep your car straight.

Problems such as this are bound to cause your tires to wear unevenly and perhaps even rapidly. For the sake of your tires and your car’s performance, it’s best to schedule an alignment as soon as you notice something is off.

How Our Technicians Complete a Front-End Alignment

Our Technicians

When you bring your vehicle in for a front-end alignment, our technicians will be aligning three aspects of your car:

  • The caster. This feature refers to the forward or backward tilt of the steering axis when viewed from the side.
  • The camber. This feature points to the tilt of your wheels when looking at them from the back.
  • The toe. This feature looks at how much your tires point inward or outward.

The main goal of a front-end alignment is to adjust the angle of the wheels, so that they are parallel to each other and are perpendicular to the ground. While you can perform a front-end alignment at home, we recommend bringing it into one of our body shops for professional care.

How Often Should You Get a Front-End Alignment?

On average, you’ll have to get the front-end alignment done on your car every two years or 20,000 miles. However, it’s important to check annually. Just to be on the safe side, you can have your mechanic look whenever they rotate your tires.

The need for an alignment may be accelerated if you regularly drive on bumpy, uneven roads. Be careful not to drive in too many potholes or over a lot of bumps, and always keep your tire pressure at the appropriate level to avoid accelerated front-end issues.

You should also be aware that if you’re having new tires put on your car, you’ll want to get your alignment done then, too. New tires should have a straight alignment to decrease wear and tear.

Why Receiving a Front-End Alignment Is Important

Your wheels are an integral part of your vehicle. When they are misaligned, it can cause serious issues while driving. Going without a front-end alignment when it’s needed can cause more problems with your tires down the line or put you in harm’s way when road conditions are slippery.

Getting a front-end alignment helps you get the most miles out of your tires as well.

Our Other Available Services

Glass repair

Over the course of your vehicle’s life, you may need necessary repairs or maintenance. Thanks to our ASE-certified technicians, they can perform a number of specialized collision repairs, such as:

  • Front-bumper replacement
  • Auto glass repair
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Driveshaft service
  • Body panel repair

By using genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and state-of-the-art tools, our technicians can have your vehicle back up and running like new in no time. We also offer detailing and refinishing services for those who want to spruce up their vehicle.

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Being central to the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, Indiana, areas, Andy Mohr Collision Centers offer front-end alignments near you. If you’ve noticed any of the above signs on your vehicle, it may be time to give us a call.

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