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Alignment Bloomington, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

No one knows your car better than you do, right? When you’re driving, have you been feeling your car pulling you to the right or to the left? Perhaps, you may be noticing some odd tire wear as you’ve been looking at your vehicle and you’re wondering what may be going on with your vehicle. If you’ve been noticing any of these signs while driving in the Bloomington, Fishers, Indianapolis, or Plainfield, Indiana, areas, you may want to schedule an estimate with us. 

At Andy Mohr Collision Centers, our ASE-certified collision technicians can help you diagnose why you may be seeing some different tread patterns on your tires and why it is pulling. All of these signs may be indicative of a problem with your front-end alignment, and we can fix that. 

In Bloomington

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How to Tell If You Need a Front-End Alignment

There are certain signs that you can look for if you think your car might need a front-end alignment. Each of these signs can indicate that it’s time to get your vehicle into our collision center. 

  • Pulling: As we mentioned before, a pulling sensation to the left or right can indicate that your wheels aren’t properly aligned. 
  • Tire Wear: If your alignment is bad, you’ll notice some different wear patterns in your tire. If you see unevenness on the inside rim of your tire, this is usually indicative that there is an issue with your alignment. 
  • Steering Wheel: Look at your vehicle’s insignia in the middle of your steering wheel. When you’re traveling straight, the logo should be in the proper position, not facing toward the right or left side of the vehicle. If it seems crooked, your alignment may need some work. 

Issues Driving with Poor Alignment

Considering that poor alignment causes uneven tire wear, you should schedule an estimate for your car rather quickly. As a tire wears unevenly, parts of the tire become more vulnerable, thus making it more susceptible to a blowout on the road. Add in poor road conditions, such as construction or potholes, and your tires may be considered dangerous. 

In addition, poor alignment makes your vehicle more difficult to control. If you hit a patch of water on the highway at high speeds, the potential is higher for hydroplaning. This can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle, exiting the lane, and causing a collision. If you’re noticing signs of poor alignment, you should promptly schedule an estimate to keep your car in optimal driving condition. 

Our Collision Centers 

At our collision centers, we can provide ACE-certified repairs to your alignment, whether it’s slowly slipping out or if you’ve been noticing the signs for quite some time. Our collision technicians will put your car up in the air and get it on an alignment machine. This machine will ensure that each wheel is working in conjunction with your suspension. 

Through a process that includes many different variables, our technicians will ensure that your vehicle’s alignment is good as new before it leaves our facility. They’ll also recommend that you get it checked out on a regular basis in order to ensure that your tires are still in safe condition and the vehicle isn’t showing any signs of further alignment issues. 

Schedule Your Alignment Estimate 

In the Fishers, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Plainfield, IN, areas, we have individual locations to serve you better. At Andy Mohr Collision Centers, our ASE-certified technicians can make your necessary repairs and get your car back in the right shape during our convenient business hours. Schedule your estimate online or give us a call and get your alignment taken care of. 



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