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Though they may not get the most attention, your car’s tires happen to be one of the most important components. Without them, you wouldn’t be going anywhere. So, it requires you to take the best possible care of them. In order to do so, you’ll need a reliable tire shop nearby.

Of course, these Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington streets are filled with surprises. You never know when your tires may sustain some unexpected damage.

Whether you need a patch, a replacement, or something more, you can count on the Andy Mohr Collision Center to take care of things.


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A Reliable Tire Shop near Me

Tires can be fairly expensive, so it’s important to put as much effort as possible into maintaining them. Here’s the three main types of tire work your vehicle might require.

  • Patches: It’s not too hard to avoid potholes, as they’re fairly easy to spot. However, a loose nail or screw on the road? Those can be very difficult to see, and they can easily puncture one of your tires.

When you need a quick tire patch, you can turn to our team.

  • Routine Maintenance: To extend the life of your tires, a bit of maintenance is a necessity. Rotate, rebalance, and refill them as needed, and you’ll get even more miles out of them.
  • Replacements: At some point, those worn tires will just need to go. When the time comes, our service center will outfit your car with the right size and quality of tire.

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Your tires are highly important. So, when they need a bit of work, you want to turn to the tire shop that will show them the utmost care.

The technicians at Andy Mohr Collision Center are all ASE-certified and equipped with genuine tools and parts. As soon as your tires need a patch, replacement, or any sort of maintenance, they’re prepared to tackle the job.

Don’t let those Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington streets get the best of your tires. As soon as they need work, get in touch with our service center.

Contact us online or over the phone today to schedule your next appointment!

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