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Auto Alignment Fishers, IN

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Auto Alignment Fishers IN

Have you noticed that as you drive down the roads of Fishers, IN, your car is pulling slightly to one side? The next time you’re traveling at a safe speed with no cars nearby on a straight road, take your hands off the wheel for a few seconds. If your car starts to turn in one direction without any input from you, then there is probably an issue with your auto alignment

At Andy Mohr Collision Centers, we can help remedy this issue and get you back to exploring the open road safely. 

Auto Alignment Fishers IN

What’s an Auto Alignment?

Auto or wheel alignment is the adjustment of a car’s suspension. Your suspension is responsible for pointing your tires straight down the road, and if it gets out of alignment, it will start to veer your car heavily in one direction. This system is key for vehicle performance and vehicle health, so it’s important to have them aligned whenever you notice an issue or around once every two or three years. 

There are many ways your wheels can become misaligned. The most common has to do with driving conditions. If you encounter a poorly maintained road with potholes, then the wheel alignment can become damaged. 

If left alone, misaligned tires can lead to uneven wear, causing you to replace them more frequently and leaving you vulnerable to flat tires. 

Front-End Alignment vs Four-Wheel Alignment

A front-end alignment is when just the front two wheels are aligned. This can be performed on any vehicle but is commonly used on front-wheel drive cars. If you have a more rugged 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle, then you may need a 4-wheel alignment. 

These services are performed in the exact same manner, they just differ depending on your driving needs and the health of your car. When you schedule an alignment estimate, a member of our team will analyze your steering system and perform the proper service to keep your car in peak condition. 

Auto Alignment Fishers IN

The Benefits of Auto Alignments

There are many benefits to keeping your wheels properly aligned; some of the most common include: 

  • Greater longevity 
  • Smoother driving 
  • No need for course correction 
  • Less energy needed 
  • Better handling 

Simply put, if you want your car to perform at its peak and keep you as safe as possible, you’ll want to have routine wheel alignments. 

Schedule an Auto Alignment Estimate near Fishers IN Today! 

Whenever you’re taking your vehicle in for routine maintenance, it’s crucial that you visit a collision center packed with the proper experts. At Andy Mohr Collision Centers, you’ll find technicians boasting years of experience working with a wide range of makes, models, and body styles. 

We’ll take the time to inspect your suspension system and perform all the necessary repairs, including wheel alignments. We can also perform other key maintenance services or repair any damage if you were in a collision. 

Give us a call today to learn more about the various services we provide. We hope to see our Fishers, Indiana, friends soon! 

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