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Pothole Damage Repair Bloomington IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

It happens to all of us at some point. One moment, you’re cruising down the road enjoying your trip and the next moment, there’s a pothole in the road that interrupts you. Some may be obscured or unavoidable, and your tire will dip in as you drive. When your car hits one of these obstructions, it’s smart to get it looked at right away.

If your car needs pothole repair near Bloomington, Indiana, we’re here to get to work. Our trained experts will give your vehicle the help it needs to get back in shape for your future adventures. Andy Mohr Collision Center will ensure your repair work is done right so you can drive confidently again!

Different Kinds of Pothole Damage

Pothole Damage

Depending on the pothole’s depth and the speed of your vehicle when you hit it, various kinds of damage can be inflicted on your car. Here are some of the possible effects:

  • Tire puncture: You will likely feel this soon after you hit a pothole if it occurs. A hole in your tire will quickly leak air, leaving you with a flat. You can replace it with a new tire with the right tools or at least the classic donut. Our team will be ready to help out further.
  • Misalignment: If your wheels take enough force, they can be thrown out of alignment, causing your car to pull in one direction while you’re driving. Wheels getting knocked out of alignment can make your steering feel looser and less responsive.
  • Bent or cracked wheel: The rim and wheel itself can be damaged, reducing your car’s performance ability. A wheel should be a perfect circle, thus any dent or imperfection in that round design will start to cause other issues throughout your car, such as its fuel efficiency.
  • Undercarriage damage: If your car rides low, a pothole might bring your undercarriage down to the ground. This can cause scrapes, dents, and your exhaust to be damaged. It’s best to have your vehicle inspected immediately if you suspect this type of damage.

While a pothole can damage your car in multiple ways, our team is ready to handle them. They have gone through intense training and have plenty of hands-on experience to prepare them for your car.

Repairing Pothole Damage

Tire Repair

At our facility, we use state-of-the-art tools to perform our repair work. They are made to help our professionals get the job done. If your car has experienced multiple points of damage, we’re still ready to correct it all.

Our team has the know-how to get your wheels back in shape, repair your tire, fix your undercarriage, and much more. We’ll perform a full diagnostic on your car to find everywhere the pothole affected. Whether it’s a scuff on your bumper or a tune-up of your suspension, we’ll help you put that pothole in the past.

Schedule Pothole Damage Repair Bloomington IN

When you run into a pothole in Bloomington, IN, our crew is ready to take your car and get it back into great condition for your next adventure. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Center to get an estimate and schedule your visit today!

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