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Nissan Body Shop Bloomington IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Sometimes a shopping cart dents your rear bumper; you overestimate the closeness of a curb while parallel parking; or you may get into a fender bender during inclement weather.

While it isn’t always possible to keep your Nissan Murano or Nissan TITAN safe from all roadway accidents, it is possible to have them repaired at our Nissan body shop near Bloomington, IN. To learn how our technicians do it, learn more about Andy Mohr Collision Centers below.

Meet Our ASE-Certified Technicians

Nissan Body Shop Bloomington IN

One way that our body shop keeps Nissan drivers out on the roads is by employing ASE-certified technicians. These technicians are more than qualified to tackle any repair or replacement. Our team of technicians has worked on many Nissan models over the years, which means they can take care of your Nissan Rogue Sport or Nissan Sentra with ease.

They’re certified and have years of experience completing all sorts of maintenance. This will give you the peace of mind you need when choosing our collision centers.

Our Post-Collision Repair Strategies

Nissan Body Shop Bloomington IN

We know that no two accidents are exactly the same, which means your Nissan can incur various forms of damage. Fortunately, our technicians are able to tackle minor or major collision damage with these collision repair services:

  • Aluminum Repair
  • Body Panel Repair
  • Auto Frame Repair and Straightening
  • Driveshaft Service
  • Front End Alignment and more!

We also know that accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. To make sure you get a repair when you need it most, we make scheduling an estimate with us easier than ever! All you have to do is give us a call. If we’re not open at your time of need, our online scheduling portal is always available for use.

Reinvigorating Your Nissan

Nissan Body Shop Bloomington IN

Our technicians are also well-trained in cosmetic damage. So, if your Nissan Frontier or Nissan Altima has incurred a few paint scratches in a parking lot accident, has acquired a windshield crack after a storm, or has obtained a few dents in a recent collision, our team can fix them with ease.

When you need cosmetic damage repair, here’s some of what our Nissan body shop technicians can handle:

  • Windshield Repair
  • Dent Removal
  • Auto Scratch Repair
  • Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Car Paint Chip Repair

You can even complete your vehicle’s exterior overhaul with our car detailing services!

After-Accident Assistance

By having four participating collision centers in the area, we know you’ll be able to get repairs when you need them most.

Schedule an estimate or contact us for more info today.

Visit Our Nissan Body Shop Today

When you’ve been in an accident, you can rely on our team to get you back on the Bloomington, Indiana, roads in no time. All you have to do is schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Andy Mohr Collision Centers