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Top Questions to Ask the Body Shop

Andy Mohr Collision Center Blog

Posted: June 27, 2019

Whether you’re going into a body shop for the first time or you’re a repeat customer, it’s always a good idea to remain informed at your service center. It’s great for Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers to foster strong ties to their service center, which is why Andy Mohr Collision Center has created this guide.

Read more to learn all about the best questions you can ask when you take your car into the body shop.

What Repairs Do You Specialize In?

While every body shop will able to help you with just about any type of car repair, some body shops focus on certain repairs more than others. Knowing what your body shop specializes in can be good for finding the right body shop for you.

For example, one type of body shop is the collision center. This type of body shop offers comprehensive car service focusing on dent and frame repairs. Oftentimes, collision centers perform extensive repairs to vehicles, so they can be a great option for more complex service tasks.

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Are There Available Rental Cars?

Taking your car in for service is necessary but when it’s going to be repaired for a few days, it’s important to keep up with your schedule. This is why it’s good to make sure you have access to a rental vehicle whenever possible.

When you come into a body shop for a larger repair, be sure to ask if they offer available rental vehicles. Many auto body shops will provide you with a rental model for as long as the repairs go on—and for good rates.

How Long Will the Auto Repairs Take?

Finally, it’s always good to hear an estimate on how long your repairs should take. By asking this question, you’ll have some peace of mind as well as an opportunity to pin down when you should check on the status of your car.

When you take your car in for service, just ask your repair center about how long it will take. Then, they should give you a clear estimate. This is also a great time to ask if they offer rental vehicle options.

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