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Regular maintenance is the key to longevity for your car. When it comes to your car’s fluid levels, you’ll want to make a habit out of checking them routinely. One of the more important fluids to check is the transmission fluid since this is such a critical part of your vehicle.  

At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we want to help drivers in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington areas understand how often they should be checking their transmission fluid levels to prevent any major service issues.

What is Transmission Fluid?

When to Check Transmission Fluid

Your car’s transmission is one of the most important and complex parts of the car. It helps to transfer the power that the engine produces and spreads it to the axles that make the wheels spin. It also controls how much power the engine is producing through shifting gears in the gearbox.

Just like any metal machine, your car’s transmission needs proper lubrication to perform at peak conditions. The transmission fluid allows this to happen by making sure the gears are lubricated to maneuver quickly and provide responsive gear shifting.

Transmission fluid differs for automatic and manual transmissions since they perform so differently. Refer to your owner’s manual to confirm what type of transmission fluid your car requires and when it should be checked.   

Recommended Transmission Fluid Checks

The recommended transmission fluid checks are different for manual and automatic vehicles. For manual transmission cars, it is suggested that the fluid be checked and changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If the car is driven more often than normal and under more strenuous circumstances, some manufacturers suggest changing the transmission fluid every 15,000 miles.

For automatic transmission cars that have less usage because the gear shifting is automated, fluid checks should be done every 30,000 miles. Other manufacturers suggest 60,000 to 100,000 miles for fluid checks, but doing them more frequently will only benefit you.

How to Tell If the Transmission Fluid Needs Service

Transmission Fluid Leak

When you pull out the transmission fluid dipstick and wipe it with a rag, a pink or red color indicates fresh fluid and a healthy transmission. As pink turns to red and it gets darker in color, that means wear is being put on the transmission (which is normal).

Once you notice the transmission fluid is a shade of dark brown, you should consider scheduling a service appointment to have it replaced or flushed. If the transmission fluid is black, the fluid is burnt and ineffective at lubricating the transmission, which could cause more severe service issues. 

You also want to take notice of any transmission fluid leak spots in your driveway or garage floor. A fluid leak indicates an issue with your transmission that should be serviced.

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Now that you know how often you should be checking your transmission fluid, it’s time to make this practice routine. Should you need help doing this or need any other service, our service team at Andy Mohr Collision Center is ready and willing to help you.

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