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Reasons for Failing Brakes

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Posted: November 26, 2018

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and watched the car behind you take a long time to stop? Have you ever paid close attention to the sounds that cars on the road beside you make as they’re coming to a stop at a light or a stop sign in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington areas?

We’ve all heard a weird noise or smell come from the car beside us and wondered for a second whether it was our car making said noise or creating said smell. Someday, you could hear a strange squealing sound come from your car and notice that it’s taking longer to stop than it ever has before, but with the help of this handy guide, you’ll know what to do about it.

What Are Some Signs My Brakes Are Failing?

Squealing from your car is one of many different signs that your brakes may be failing. Here are some others:

  • Brake Light – Typically this is an indicator that your emergency brake is activated, but it can also be indicative that your brake system needs servicing.
  • Having to Press Harder – If you’ve noticed that your car is taking a lot more pressure on the brake pedal to stop, then it’s time to get your brake pads checked out.
  • Vibrating – If you feel a vibrating or grinding sensation when you press the brake pedal, this could be caused by failing rotors, so you’ll want to get them looked at.

Why Are My Brakes Failing?

There are several reasons that you may notice that your brakes aren’t working the way they used to and each of them has something to do with regular maintenance standards for your braking system. Here are a few reasons why your brakes are failing:

  • Overheating Pads – When your brake pads have seen too much use, they may start to overheat and cause a loss of stopping power.
  • Bad Rotors – When your rotors fail or warp, you’ll notice that you’re not stopping the way you used to. Get the rotors checked out by a service professional.
  • Leaking Fluid – If you’re leaking brake fluid, you’ll need to have that situation remedied, as you’ll notice that it isn’t as easy to stop anymore.

Your Service Solutions

Your brakes are an important part of your vehicle and you need them to stay in good shape. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get them looked at every so often. Every 25,000 miles, it’s a good idea to have someone look, although they likely won’t need to be replaced or serviced at that interval.

We can help keep your brakes in tip top condition with the fully certified and highly trained service professionals on our team. We can take a look at your entire braking system, from fluid to rotors and ensure that you’ll have every bit of the stopping power you need.

Schedule Your Service Today

With four convenient locations to serve you in the Fishers, Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Plainfield areas, we make it easy for you to get your service done. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, you can even schedule your next brake service online, from the convenience of your own home.

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