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Welcome to Andy Mohr Collision Center, your certified body shop in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Bloomfield, or Fishers area. Mistakes happen, and we understand there may be a time where you are involved in a car accident. Our Service Centers We offer a wide array of different services meant to get your car back to its like-new status in no time. If you’ve experienced a tiny dent or ding in your paint job or even if you’re in need of something more intensive, we’re here to help. Our team of ASE certified and highly trained service professionals will work to ensure you see no evidence of any damages. Entrust the future integrity of your vehicle in the capable hands of our service team.  To please our customers and aid in the repair of your car, we provide a number of different collision services to repair both the exterior of your vehicle and what’s under the hood. These services include, but are not limited to: 
  • Paintless Dent Repair – If your car was recently dented by a runaway shopping cart or the careless opening of a car door, we can help. Our paintless dent repair service uses a device that will pull small dents and dings without destroying the surface paint around you, thus preventing the necessity for a full paint job. 
  • Automotive Paint Jobs – However, if your car does need a full paint job to disguise your replaced bumper or quarter panel, we can take care of you. Our service centers are set up to provide full automotive paint jobs. Whether you want to restore your original paint or go with something different, we’re here to help.
  • Glass Repair – Damage to your auto glass can happen at any time of year, but your windshield may be more vulnerable during colder weather. Should you sustain a crack or worse damage to your windshield or other windows, we can replace or repair them using OEM glass. 
  • Alignment – Is your vehicle pulling to one side on a trip down a straight stretch? If so, you could need a wheel alignment. Our service professionals can easily help you get your car back on the right track. A vehicle that is out of alignment can do further damage to your tires, wheels, and more, so schedule service with us today.
  • Alloy Wheel Repair – If you’ve experienced the bite of an unexpected curb against the metal of your alloy wheels, then it’s likely that you have an unsightly scratch or unseen damage. However, with our alloy wheel repair service, we can get your wheel back in its best condition before it does further damage to your vehicle. 
  • Car Detailing – Over the course of the summer with grass clippings or during the winter with rock salt, our vehicles have a tendency of getting a bit dirty, and it’s not just from surface dirt. While caring for your car includes the occasional wash and vacuuming, there is still unseen or hard to reach dirt that is left behind, and that’s where we can help. We offer car detailing services that clean out every nook and cranny of your vehicle, restoring it to like-new condition in terms of cleanliness.
  • Inspections – Keeping your car safe requires regular maintenance, but a multi-point inspection after a collision or fender bender is necessary to diagnose hidden vehicle damage. During this inspection, we will check vital systems like your engine, air bags, the lights, and more. We’ll let you know if we find any damage to parts of your vehicle you cannot see from the exterior. 
  • Rust Repair – Damage to your paint job can allow rust to permeate the protective outer coating of your vehicle, thus allowing it to creep along its surface and inflict further damage. Don’t allow rust to take over the integrity of your vehicle. With our rust repair service, we can stop rust where it started and ensure it can’t be allowed to spread any further. 
  • Car Rentals – Certainly, keeping up with maintenance or making necessary repairs will mean some time without your vehicle, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We also offer car rental services right here on the premises. This way, our customers have the option of resuming their normal lives while their vehicle is being restored to its former glory, whether for a day or for a longer period of time. While we provide your vehicle with the necessary services, you can head back to work or proceed with your summer plans. 

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For our drivers’ convenience, we have four different locations to serve all of your professional auto service needs.  Bloomington Collision Center 1833 S Curry Pike Bloomington, In, 47403  (812)336-6865 Fishers Collision Center 9295 East 131stStreet Fishers, IN  (317)284-5511 Plainfield Collision Center 2684 E Main Street Plainfield, IN (317)279-2682 Westside Collision Center 4302 Lafayette Road Indianapolis, IN (317)293-2225

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At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we’re more than capable of handling any damage to your car from the tiniest dent to severe body damage. With four locations in the Bloomington, Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Fishers area, we are equipped with a team full of ASE certified mechanics to handle any repairs your vehicle may need. Schedule your appointment today.

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