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Tie Rod Replacement

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Every driver wants to ensure that their car will last as long as possible, but in order to keep it lasting for a while, you’re going to encounter the replacement of some parts. For example, over time, you’re likely going to have to provide some service to your steering system, so here is everything you need to know about replacing your tie rod in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, or Bloomington areas. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we can assist you with this replacement and more!

What Is a Tie Rod?

With newer vehicles, the steering system is controlled by something called the rack and pinion unit. Tie rods are part of that system and they’re attached to both ends of the steering rack. Their main purpose is to control the front tires with the operation of the steering wheel. Essentially, they assist in the control of the steering system.

How Do I Know If My Tie Rod Is Bad?

There are several different ways to tell if your tie rod is going bad or has already gone bad. If you notice one or all these symptoms, it’s time to schedule your appointment:

  • Knocking – If you hear a knocking sound when you turn into a parking spot or your driveway, this is the number one sign your tie rod is going bad.
  • Steering Issues – If your tie rod is going bad, your steering wheel may shake excessively or feel particularly loose when you’re driving.
  • Vibration – Tie rods that have gone bad will cause a looseness with the suspension that will make your car vibrate as you’re driving.
  • Alignment – If you’re getting your car aligned on a regular basis, but it seems as though it’s pulling in one direction more often, your tie rod may be knocking your tires out of alignment.
  • Squeaking and Squealing – If the tie rods have started to loosen, you’ll begin to hear a squealing or squeaking any time you go over bumps in the road.

Schedule Your Tie Rod Service Today

Don’t risk your safety by waiting for your tie rod to fail completely and schedule your service in the Indianapolis, Bloomington, Plainfield, or Fishers areas. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we can assist in the replacement of your tie rod and so much more!

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