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Hail Damage

Andy Mohr Collision Center

With the arrival of the fall months comes the additional arrival of fall weather. This weather can include a passing storm that has the potential to drop stray branches, damaging debris, or hail on your vehicle, thus damaging the exterior of your vehicle. These types of storms cannot be controlled, and we certainly can’t predict when our cars are going to be the subject of hail damage in the Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington areas.

At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we have the ASE-certified mechanics on staff to help handle any type of damage to your vehicle, but you’ll also find that we can help with any hail damage you may experience during any sudden storms you may experience.

Fixing Hail Damage

There are several effects that hail may have on your paint job and while you may think it’s just cosmetic, it can cause larger issues in the long run. If hail is allowed to chip your paint job, you run the risk of making your car susceptible to further damages if the air, water, and other elements are allowed to permeate the surface, thus causing rust damage.

You may also notice small dents that haven’t done any damage to the paint job, caused by hail. We can help with this service as well with our paintless dent repair. We can use our expertise to pull a dent from the surface of your car without having to damage your paint job in the process. If you have hail damage, then contact us to get it fixed!

Our Service Centers

Not only can we help repair hail damage, but we can help with all other automotive services as well, everything from oil changes to brake replacement and complete frame repair. When it comes to vehicle repair, you name it and our certified service technicians can likely fix it.

If you’re noticing some issues with your new or used vehicle, especially following a collision or after sustaining some sort of exterior damage, your repairs may be more serious than you originally thought. It’s better to find out what may be going on now than waiting and having to make more extensive repairs down the road.

Our Locations to Serve You

Our collision center is so dedicated to helping you handle any issues that you may notice with the exterior of your vehicle that we offer four different locations to serve you.

Schedule Your Service Today

When you’re ready to get your hail damage repaired, give us a call or schedule online. We offer convenient hours to serve our customers and we’ll be able to diagnose any potential issues with your vehicle. Come see us at one of our convenient locations in the Fishers, Plainfield, Indianapolis, and Bloomington areas at Andy Mohr Collision Center.

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