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Car Paint Chip Repair Greenwood IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Just like you feel confident when you’re looking your best, you’ll feel more confident when your car is appealing and easy on the eyes. That’s why if you notice an imperfection on your car, you feel the urge to get it repaired as soon as possible. These dings and damages can have effects beyond just the visual as well.

Our service center is here to provide you car paint chip repair near Greenwood, Indiana. We have the tools and expertise required to get your vehicle back in pristine condition, so you can drive confidently and keep your car in great health. You can trust Andy Mohr Collision Center to give your car the help it needs to be renewed and out on the road again.

What Caused My Paint to Chip?

Paint Chip

Different from a scratch or scrape, a paint chip looks like the paint flaked off of your car. The area looks like the paint has been lifted off with a noticeable dip from paint to metal. These damages can come in all shapes and forms from different sources.

The most common way that paint is chipped is after an impact. This could be after a fender bender with another vehicle or hitting things like shopping carts, light posts, and other objects. The collision can wrinkle your paint and cause it to chip away. There are other concerns beyond collisions as well.

Tree sap and bird droppings can stick to your paint and corrode it away if not washed promptly. Extended exposure to harsh UV rays, such as during summer, can weaken the car’s paint and leave it more vulnerable, even chipping paint itself. The ice and snow of winter can also build up and start to peel your paint.

What Do Paint Chips Do?

New Paint

When your paint is chipped away, it does more than just look unsightly. Your car’s paint acts as a protective seal for the metal and components beneath it. By breaking that seal, it exposes the inner workings of your vehicle to the elements.

Humidity, rain, and other sources of moisture will eventually start a build-up of rust on the affected area. The rust will eventually grow further to cover more area than just where your pain chipped. As the rusting spreads, it will corrode other parts of your body panels and even make its way to mechanical parts that are vital to your car’s engineering.

In short, paint chips are a small imperfection that can steadily grow into a more serious concern. That’s why prompt corrective work is important!

Get Car Paint Chip Repair Greenwood IN

When you visit our collision center, you’ll meet our team as they give your car the repairs it needs. We fill in paint chips and recreate that protective seal while matching your vehicle’s paint. It’s as easy as signing up online and bring you vehicle here, and you’ll be back out in Greenwood, Indiana, soon. Contact Andy Mohr Collision Center to get started today.

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