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Bumper Repair Fishers IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Bumper Repair Fishers IN

It happens to all of us—one minute, you’re out cruising and enjoying the great weather in the Hoosier State and the next, you feel a minor impact. When your car is damaged, you’ll want to repair it as soon as possible. Getting your car looking its best again is a sure way to feel confident behind the wheel once more.

Our bumper repair near Fishers, Indiana, will get your ride back into top shape. Our expertly trained staff will put their experience and professional tools to good use and give your vehicle’s bumper the touch-up it needs. You can trust the Andy Mohr Collision Center to freshen up your vehicle, so you can drive with style again.

What Causes Bumper Damage?

Minor Accident assesment

Your car’s front and rear bumpers are designed to take impacts and absorb them—keeping you and the vital engineering of your vehicle protected. In a way, a dented bumper is proof that it’s doing its job well. Your car’s bumper can become damaged from a variety of sources:

  • Fender benders/minor accidents
  • Grocery carts
  • Road debris

While the source may vary, your vehicle’s bumper is made to withstand those hits all the same. When you see a dent, a scratch, or other sign of damage, you can get it repaired for that like-new look again. This both refreshes the look of your car and gets the bumper ready for any future impact.

Fixing Your Bumper

Car Repair

We’re equipped to fix your car’s bumper and any damage it may show. Minor blemishes are easily touched up, thanks to the high-grade equipment we have in our collision center.

  • Scratches—These slight marks in your car’s paint could eventually cause additional wear to the bumper. We’ll buff those out and fill them in for that like-new look.
  • Dents—If a small ding or depression is on the bumper, we’ll work from inside the vehicle to pop it back into place. This prepares your car’s bumper for potential future impacts.
  • Paint chips—When left untreated, chipped paint can develop rust by being exposed to moisture in the air. Your vehicle’s paint acts as a protective seal. We’ll re-apply that seal for your next drive.

Our team will determine the best course of action for your vehicle’s bumper and get it back in shape again. Under some circumstances, your vehicle’s bumper may have more severe damage. For deep cracks, holes, or bumpers that are falling off the vehicle, we may recommend a replacement. A new bumper will keep you safe from those collisions in the future.

Our Other Services

Car Frame Repair

If your car has been in an accident, you may have other parts of your ride that need repair. Our state-of-the-art collision center is prepared to take care of whatever else your vehicle needs:

Simply schedule an appointment with us and we’ll determine what your car needs to get you confidently back on the road.

Get Bumper Repair Fishers IN

Get your car back into great shape for your drives near Fishers, IN, with a visit to our collision center. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Center to get started!

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