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Auto Alignment near Avon IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Auto Alignment near Avon IN

When your car is in top condition, it’ll reward you, with drives that are both safe and smooth. It’s an important aspect of your car, meaning you should have that level of confidence every time you take the wheel.

If that reliability is ever in question, it pays to have it looked at by the professionals right away.

Our team is ready and equipped to give your car the auto alignment near Avon, Indiana, it needs. Tons of hands-on experience and professional-level tools make us your go-to resource for repairs and realignments that keep your car in great shape.

When you come to Andy Mohr Collision Center, we’ll work hard to make sure the job’s done right and your car is ready to take to the road again!

What Is Auto Alignment?

Tire Alignment

When we talk about auto alignment, it refers to your vehicle’s wheels and tires. Alignment relies on your vehicle’s suspension, which connects to the wheels.

The process of auto alignment involves adjusting the suspension, so the tires connect to the ground evenly. When tires are uneven in their contact with the ground or at an awkward angle, it’s misaligned.

How Do I Know My Vehicle Needs Auto Alignment?

Misalignment of your vehicle’s wheels and tires can go from a slight annoyance to a serious concern over time—leading to more damage, if left alone. Luckily, there are warning signs you can stay aware of while you drive.

If you notice any of these, contact us right away and we’ll get your car sorted out.

  • Pulling left or right—Your vehicle should be traveling straight ahead when the wheel is in its neutral position. If it tends to drift to the side, misalignment may be the cause.
  • Steering wheel vibration—While there are many possible reasons for this shaking, alignment trouble is a fair possibility.
  • Off-center steering wheel—If your car’s steering wheel needs to be turned to either side to go straight, it’s a sign the wheels need realignment. We’ll correct this, so the steering works as intended again.
  • Uneven tire wear—Routine tire rotations should keep the tread similar on all four tires. If any one of your vehicle’s tires is balding more quickly, misalignment is likely the root of the issue.

Keeping these in mind gives you an edge when it comes to alignment. The sooner you act, the better it is for your car’s long-term health!

When Should My Vehicle Get Auto Alignment?

Tire Alignment

Vehicles often need alignment services after major collisions that warp the parts involved. By throwing off the balance and position of the wheels, the rest of the car’s performance starts to decline.

We offer alignment and many other services for when your car is in an accident to get it in great shape again.

Routine alignment is also a smart decision. Similar to how your car needs oil changes and brake inspections every few months, having wheel alignment performed will maintain your car’s condition.

Once or twice a year, make sure your car’s wheels are ready for a road trip, with some expert alignment.

Schedule Auto Alignment near Avon IN

By getting your car realigned, you’ll help ensure your next drive around Avon, IN, is up to your expectations.

Contact our team of auto experts at Andy Mohr Collision Center to receive an estimate and schedule your visit, today!

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