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Windshield Repair Bloomington, IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

So, you’re driving through the Bloomington area and a tiny pebble hits your windshield. It creates a small chip in the glass, but that chip has the potential to grow into a large crack. That’s why we at Andy Mohr Collision Centers are here to provide you with expert windshield repair, all with the help of our talented technicians. 

Start reading today to hear more about what our collision centers can do for you in helping you get back on the road with a clear windshield. 

Why Receive Our Windshield Repairs?

OEM glass is designed with your vehicle in mind so you can be sure these parts will last longer. 

By choosing OEM glass, you can count on your new windshield having a better fit, so you’ll have a better seal from outside noise. You can also expect improved visibility so you can react quicker to events on the road. 

We also know that Bloomington drivers live busy lives, which is why we can offer recommendations for rental vehicles for the duration of your windshield repair. That way, you won’t miss a beat with your schedule. 

We’ll let you know when the repairs are all done, so you can keep driving the rental vehicle until your windshield has been fully repaired. Afterwards, then come back to our dealership and we’ll have you all set with your car looking as good as always. 

Consult Our Expert Technicians 

If you have damage to your windshield, our team of technicians offers the expertise necessary to address any windshield repair. Get in touch with us and we’ll be able to discuss with you whether or not your windshield requires a full replacement or if it can be simply repaired. 

When to Repair or Replace a Windshield

Knowing when to repair or replace a windshield is important and the experts at our collision centers will be able to help you know just what’s possible. In many cases, a windshield can simply be repaired if you’ve caught the damage early enough. 

A windshield should be replaced if the crack is several inches long, reaches the edge of the glass, or has multiple chips within the crack itself. 

Schedule an Estimate With Andy Mohr Collision Centers Today 

Providing your vehicle with proper maintenance is important and Andy Mohr Collision Centers we offer the expertise Bloomington drivers need. At our collision centers, we’re able to provide exceptional windshield repairs that will leave your car looking like nothing happened. 

If you have a crack in your windshield that needs repairing, schedule an appointment with us today! 

Andy Mohr Collision Centers