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What to Do if I Rear End Someone

Andy Mohr Collision Center

We all try our best, but sometimes the unexpected happens and you end up in an auto accident. So many questions are probably swirling around in your head, like: “What do I do if I rear end someone?”

No worries, your friends at Andy Mohr Collision Center are here to put your mind at ease. We’re experts in road collisions and will show you tips to ensure everyone is safe and that all the proper steps are taken. Then, we’ll help you get back to the streets of Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, IN.

Stay Calm

Following a rear-end collision, the first thing you should do is remain calm. By staying calm, you’ll guarantee you’re taking the proper steps and not forgetting to get essential information or the right help.

Check for Injuries

After taking a few deep breaths, take a moment to take in how your body feels. If you notice any pain, especially in your back or neck, don’t move from your seat until help arrives. It’s important to stay put, too, if any glass broke in the collision.

If you are uninjured, head over the other party and ask them how they are feeling. If either of you have any injuries or pain, you’ll want to request an ambulance.

Call the Police

Whether you’re injured or not, the next step is to call for help. Make sure both vehicles are moved to safety, if possible, and wait for the authorities’ arrival.

While you wait, you can ask for the other driver’s insurance information. Providing this information to your insurance company will help the entire process move smoothly.

Take Pictures

While waiting for the police, you’ll also want to snap thorough pictures of the damage on both cars. Make sure to get multiple angles of any and all damage.

Get a Copy of the Report

After the police have done their evaluation and the proper tow companies have been notified if need be, you’ll want to ask for a copy of their police report. Providing this information to your insurance company ensures they have the proper info in hand.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you’re safely home, you’ll want to call your insurance company to report the incident. Be open and honest about what happened and give them the contact information for the other party.

From there, the insurance company will handle repairs with the affected party’s insurance company. Your plan should cover the damages accrued on the other driver’s car, but make sure to speak to your insurance agent if you have any questions.

Schedule Repairs

You can either schedule your vehicle’s repairs through the insurance company’s recommended body shop or visit your desired collision center.

Schedule Collision Repair With Us Today!

At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we provide the repairs drivers in and around Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, Indiana, will need following a rear-end collision. Contact us today to set up your free estimate.

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