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Unibody Repairs Near Me

Andy Mohr Collision Center

If you’re like many drivers today, you likely have a vehicle utilizing a unibody frame. This complex network of steel and aluminum functions as an important safety net for you during a collision. At Andy Mohr Collision Center, we’re equipped to fully repair your unibody frame in the event of an accident. Read more to learn about unibody frames and what we can do to repair them for Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington drivers.

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What Is a Unibody Frame?

In car manufacturing, there are two ways companies can design a frame for a vehicle. Traditionally, cars have been manufactured using heavy metals, such as steel, to build a base. From there, the body is placed on top and screwed into place, which means that the frame is lower profile. Most modern cars, however, are built using what’s called a unibody frame design.

In this case, the frame and the body are designed as one, allowing the vehicle to use lighter metals while still retaining a sturdy shape. Unibody designs allow for improved fuel economy; however, the process of repairing a bent unibody frame can sometimes be more involved. That’s why we work to provide your vehicle with the expert care it needs to look and run its best.

Signs of a Bent Car Frame

No matter what type of frame you have, the signs that your frame is bent will be pretty obvious after an accident. You’re likely to start hearing odd noises you’ve never encountered before with your vehicle. Plus, your car may even handle poorly due to misalignment in the tires. It’s advisable not to drive with a bent frame at all—let alone for a notable amount of time. Over time, a bent frame can lead to uneven wear in your tires and even your suspension system. 

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Our Available Unibody Repairs

Schedule an estimate at our dealership and we can straighten your frame, so your vehicle works properly. We have the tools needed to make sure that your unibody frame sits right with all the other parts of your vehicle. When you hit the road with your newly repaired vehicle, you’ll feel the difference in the way your car drives with its repaired unibody frame. We hope to not only improve your safety and comfort on the road, but also your enjoyment of driving overall.

Additional Collision Services

In addition to offering available unibody repairs, we also offer additional services to repair your car after a collision. We offer everything from official manufacturer parts replacement to driveshaft service. No matter what, we’re here to make sure that your car comes back looking like it always had.

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When you come to meet with us at our collision repair centers, we’ll take care of everything to make sure that the process of getting your car back is as smooth as possible. At Andy Mohr Collision Centers, we’re dedicated to providing Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, Indiana, drivers with comprehensive collision services. If you’ve recently been in an accident and need unibody repairs, schedule an estimate with us online or over the phone today!

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