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Undercarriage Damage Repair near Indianapolis IN

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Our vehicles can incur damage in many different areas, like with their tires and bumpers. We often forget that our vehicle’s undercarriage can be damaged in an accident, since it’s close to the ground.

If you’ve recently run over a large rock on the trails, underestimated the height of a curb, or come in close contact with a large speed bump, your vehicle may have incurred minor or more serious undercarriage damage. Regardless of the severity, our technicians at Andy Mohr Collision Centers near Indianapolis, IN, can take care of the job.

What Is My Vehicle’s Undercarriage?

Vehicle’s Undercarriage

Underneath your vehicle is an extensive system of parts and mechanisms that work to operate it. You can find these systems underneath your ride:

  • Oil pan
  • Gas tank
  • Exhaust system
  • Suspension

Although these mechanisms are built with high-grade materials to keep them in working condition, this does not mean that they aren’t susceptible to damage. However, they can be repaired in many ways, too.

How Does an Undercarriage Become Damaged?

Many different things can damage your vehicle’s undercarriage. Although low-lying vehicles are more susceptible, all vehicles can incur this type of damage. Here are a few ways your undercarriage can become worn:

  • Mud residue—The moisture trapped inside mud can cause metal to rust.
  • Road salt—Living in a state that experiences heavy winter weather often brings about salted roads. Although salt de-ices roads, it can also corrode your undercarriage’s metal.
  • Road debris—If you run over a large rock or any large road debris, it can pick up and cause damage to multiple parts of your vehicle’s undercarriage.
  • Speed bumps—If you drive a low-lying sedan or coupe, you may be familiar with how to best navigate a large speed bump. Sometimes, we go over a speed bump too fast and end up scraping our undercarriage.
  • Potholes—Running over potholes now and again can damage your vehicle’s shock absorbers. The more this part becomes worn, the more damage can occur on the undercarriage.

Our Undercarriage Damage Repair Services

Vehicle’s Undercarriage, Andy Mohr Collision Centers | Indianapolis IN

If you’ve noticed a difference in your vehicle’s performance or handling or recently hit a large pothole and are unsure of the potential damage, our ASE-certified technicians are more than happy to take a look.

All you’ll need to do is schedule an estimate. Our technicians will conduct a thorough evaluation and get your go-ahead for any necessary repairs.

How Do I Know if My Undercarriage Is Damaged?

Damage to your car’s undercarriage doesn’t have to be as severe as it sounds. In fact, most undercarriage damage consists of the following:

  • Scrapes
  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Fluid leaks
  • Cracked parts

However, there is a chance that some serious undercarriage mechanisms—like the suspension or oil pan—can be damaged and will need immediate attention. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following, your suspension may need service:

  • Your tires are not all in a uniform angle
  • Your vehicle is leaning to one side
  • Your vehicle bounces while you drive

If your oil pan has been punctured, you will most likely notice that the fluid leaks or you may smell oil. A shaking or vibrating car can also point to loosened underbody covers or broken driveshafts. If you notice any of these signs, you should schedule an estimate as soon as possible.

Schedule an Undercarriage Damage Repair Estimate

Do you think your vehicle’s undercarriage may be damaged? If so, schedule an estimate at Andy Mohr Collision Centers near Indianapolis, Indiana, today.

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