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Undercarriage Damage Repair Fishers IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

When you think about auto collisions, you typically think of dents, paint scratches, and other types of damage that can be seen on the vehicle. Beneath your car is just as important as the outside, as it’s home to many important parts and systems that keep your car running smoothly. The health of the undercarriage is paramount to your car’s overall condition.

If your ride requires undercarriage damage repairs near Fishers, Indiana, our team is ready to get to work. Each crew member has undergone intense training, and our state-of-the-art facility contains the professional tools and equipment needed to take care of your car.

Andy Mohr Collision Center is prepared to take your car in and get its undercarriage ready for your next road trip. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is Undercarriage Damage?


Simply put, undercarriage damage refers to harm and impact that takes place on the underside of your car. You’re likely to feel that hit if you travel over a speed bump too quickly or run up a curb. Debris and obstacles on the road that can’t be avoided can create issues, as well.

Low-riding cars are more likely to experience undercarriage damage due to their closeness to the ground. Even a higher-raised SUV can experience damage during an off-road adventure with rocks and other hard material kicked up into the vehicle.

Because undercarriage damage can’t be easily seen, it’s good to know the signs.

Signs You Need Undercarriage Repairs

Leaking Fluid

Hard hits and scrapes can damage important parts that make up your car’s undercarriage. Here are things to be on the lookout for if you think you’ve experienced damage to the underside of your ride…

  • Leaking fluid: Easy to spot after moving from a parking space, a fluid leak is likely due to a hose or oil pan being torn or punctured.
  • Problems steering: There are many parts underneath your car that help make your steering smooth and easy. If it becomes more difficult to turn or remain straight, let us know right away.
  • Oil smell: Smelling your car’s oil is a sign that the fluid is leaking or otherwise exposed to the air.

Of course, if you see anything like a hanging part or large scrape along the bottom of your car, undercarriage repairs are likely needed. Whether it’s something you can see, feel, or smell, knowing when your undercarriage needs fixing helps you be more proactive.

Collision Repair Experts near Fishers IN

Our collision center team is experienced with all kinds of repairs, including those for your undercarriage. Thanks to intense training and plenty of hands-on experience, our crew is well-versed in what your car needs to get back to great condition.

We’ll make sure your car is well taken care of, thanks to expert diagnostics and our cutting-edge tools. Bringing your car to our team is a sure way to get your ride back in shape for more safe and smooth driving!

Schedule Undercarriage Damage Repair near Fishers IN Today

As you’ve seen, your car’s undercarriage plays a major role in each trip you take. Make sure your next drive near Fishers, IN, is smooth and safe with a visit to our service center.

Contact Andy Mohr Collision Center today to request an estimate and schedule your visit with us!

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