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Rim Repairs Fishers IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

When your car is looking stylish and great, you’ll feel more confident in your ride during each drive. Your rims are an especially important part of your car as they play roles that are both for appearances and performance. If your car’s rims look like they need some to be touched up, we are here and ready to get to work.

Our rim repairs near Fishers, Indiana, will get your vehicle ready to get out on the road for another road trip. Thanks to our highly trained experts, we have the knowledge it takes to get your ride back in top shape. Andy Mohr Collision Center is your trusted source for repairs, including fixing your ride’s wheels!

The Different Kinds of Rim Damage

Rim Repair

Most damage to your rims can easily be seen with a quick glance. This harm can come in several different forms, each with their own forms of wear and tear on your wheels:

  • Bends- A fast collision with a curb, speed bump, pothole, or another uneven surface can take an immediate effect on your car. Ideally, your tire absorbs all the impact in the air and rubber. If the force is too great, the rim will take part of the impact and cause it to warp. A bent rim can quickly lead to an out of shape or flat tire.
  • Cracks- Modern rims are made with lightweight alloys for an athletic performance. Over time, collisions and impacts can add up and cracks will start to form in the alloys. If left unchecked, it can cause more damage in the future.
  • Curb Rash- Among the most common causes of rim damage, curb rash occurs when your rims scrape along the side of a curb or other obstacle. It’s common in situations like parallel parking, for example. The rough concrete starts to strip away protective coating and causes damage to the metal.

Aside from looking less than perfect, rim damage can lead to more issues down the line. Getting them fixed quickly is a smart course of action.

Our Rim Repair Center at Work

Rim damage can be purely visual or a structural concern. Whatever issue you come across, we are well equipped and ready to handle it. The sooner you visit us, the more successful the repair will be. We’re standing by for you!

We use state-of-the-art tools to get your rims back in shape. We will reform your rims back into their intended shape and apply a new layer of protective coating to offset curb rash. This coating keeps your wheels protected from water, humidity, and other dangers.

Complete Collision Center Services

If your rims are part of your concerns after a collision, we can help you out elsewhere, too. Body panel repairs, dent fixes, paint repairs, and undercarriage work are all part of our full service menu. We work with these issues every day, making us your go-to team to restore your vehicle to great condition.

Mechanic Repairing Rim on tire
Rim Repair
Mechanic Repairing RIm

Get Rim Repairs Fishers IN

When your rims need an expert’s touch, you can trust our team to get you back into Fishers, IN, safely. Contact us at Andy Mohr Collision Center and schedule your visit today.

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