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Rim Repair near Bloomington IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Rims are essential to getting around. Without them, your tires wouldn’t be able to maintain their shape. While they’re designed to be durable, like all parts, rims often need service, maintenance, and sometimes repairs. If you’re in need of rim repair near Bloomington, IN, head to one of our Andy Mohr Collision Centers.

The Importance of Rim Repair

Whenever a part is damaged on your vehicle, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. That’s true with any part, but rims serve several purposes. For example, they keep your wheels turning, keep your tires on, and can even be a form of personal expression. As a result, some of the reasons to get your rims repaired include:

  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetic Reasons
Rim Repair

Our Body Shop Services

For these reasons and more, trusting your rims with the right body shop is so important. Fortunately, at Andy Mohr Collision Centers, we’re ready for all sorts of issues. With an experienced team and cutting-edge repair equipment, we’re uniquely qualified for services such as:

Whether you need your wheels repaired, completely replaced, put back in alignment, or a fresh coat of paint after some scrapes, our body shop can take care of it for you.

Experienced Service Technicians

To make sure everything is installed properly, we have a team of ASE Certified Technicians. That means they’re highly trained on every aspect of auto repair, including repairing and replacing rims. They’ll also be able to inspect your rims to look for early signs of damage and wear and tear.

From potholes to colliding with the curb to accidents involving other vehicles, there are several causes behind issues that need rim repair. Our knowledgeable team is prepared to handle every one of them.

Proper Parts & Accessories

In addition to being in the best hands, our body shop is also proud to carry the best parts. We carry original equipment manufacturer parts and accessories. These OEM parts were designed to be the perfect fit for your make and model. That means by the time our team is done with your rim repairs, everything will be as good as new.

Convenient Locations & Amenities

We believe that getting service and repairs should be as easy as possible. It’s why we can offer recommendations for rental cars and provide a comfortable waiting room. It’s also why we have body shops around the area, including in four locations:

  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Plainfield, IN
  • Fishers, IN
  • Bloomington, IN

About Bloomington IN

Bloomington is a beautiful city that’s both a college town and a cultural hub. It’s the home of Indiana University, so you’re always close to a great bar or restaurant. With such a bustling downtown, and rough winters, it’s easy for rims to wear over time. That’s why our body shop is ready to help you repair them and get back on the road.

Schedule Rim Repair Estimate

When it looks like you need rim repair near Bloomington, IN, schedule an estimate with an Andy Mohr Collision Centers. We’ll get everything looking great and running smoothly again. Contact us to learn more or schedule an estimate online.

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