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Rim Repair near Indianapolis IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Have you noticed that your tires need air often, but every time you look at them, they seem perfectly fine? Well, the problem might not be your tires at all—your rims could need repair. If you need rim repair near Indianapolis, Indiana, look no further than our team at Andy Mohr Collision Centers.

In this quick guide, we’ll go over a few important things, so you can be ahead of the game when it comes to rim repair. Read on to learn about rim repair, so you can come and see us before encountering more serious issues down the line.

What Kind of Rims Do You Have?

What Kind of Rims Do You Have

The first thing you should be aware of is what kind of rims you have. There are four basic kinds of rims:

  • Steel wheel rim
  • Chrome-plated wheel rim
  • Aluminum allow wheel rim
  • Plastic-clad wheel rim

The kind of rims you have will help determine what kind of repairs you’ll need. Steel wheel rims are hardy and can usually be repaired by a technician. On the other hand, plastic-clad wheel rims can’t take as much damage and are difficult to repair due to their less-hardy nature.

Once you know what kind of rims you’re working with, we can move on to looking for the signs that you’ll need repairs.

What Are the Signs Your Rims Need Repair?

Signs Your Rims Need Repair

The sign you’re likely to notice first is that your tires can’t hold air for very long—they may even be deflating after a couple of hours. You may also notice a scalloped wear pattern if your rims are damaged. This could be due to your rim being bent or warped, which can cause uneven pressure while driving.

Another sign you could notice is vibration in your steering wheel. You could experience pulling, such as when your car needs a wheel alignment. Bear in mind, this is a common symptom and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your rims, so make sure you get your suspension and alignment checked when you come in as well.

What Should You Expect From Rim Repairs?

Should You Expect From Rim Repairs

The kinds of repairs you can expect will depend on what kind of rims you have. If your rim is scuffed, steel and aluminum rims can be sanded and repainted to remove the imperfections, while you’ll have to replate chrome rims. It’s better to replace plastic ones once they’re damaged because scratches and scuffs can damage the structural integrity.

If your rim is bent, then you can get your steel rims unbent and welded to preserve the structural integrity. This is the same with chrome-plated wheels as they are often steel underneath. Aluminum alloy and plastic-clad rims should be replaced. If your rim has a gouge or a crack, it is better to replace it in nearly every case.

Let Us Help Repair Your Rims near Indianapolis IN

If you find yourself in need of rim repair near Indianapolis, IN, then schedule an estimate at Andy Mohr Collision Centers. We’ll check out your rims and advise you on whether you should attempt to repair them, or if it’s better to replace them altogether.

If you notice any of the previously mentioned signs, don’t hesitate to schedule an estimate today!

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