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Nail-in-Tire Repair Indianapolis IN

Andy Mohr Collision Center

At Andy Mohr Collision Centers, we want to be your go-to collision center. In order to do so, we offer all types of services, like tire repair. If you live in or around Indianapolis, IN, and are in need of tire repair or replacement due to a nail in your tire, we’re happy to oblige. Learn more about us and our tire services below before scheduling an appointment for an estimate.

Can a Punctured Tire Be Repaired?

Yes, but with a few qualifying conditions. Typically, punctured tires can be repaired based on puncture location and the severity of the damage. If your tire damage fits these conditions, you’ll qualify for a repair:

  • Puncture is in the tread area.
  • Puncture measures a quarter of an inch or less in diameter.
  • Up to two total punctures that are at least 16 inches apart from each other.

Does the damage to your tire match that description? If so, we can provide you with an estimate and one of our technicians can repair that for you. However, if the following conditions apply to your tire, you’ll need a replacement:

  • Puncture is wider than a quarter of an inch.
  • Puncture is on the sidewall or shoulder of the tire.
  • Multiple punctures are present and less than 16 inches apart.

How Our Technicians Handle Nails in Tires

As mentioned, your punctured tire will either need to be repaired or replaced. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can temporarily plug your punctured tire at home before driving to one of our collision centers. Before you do so, make sure the tire is not leaking air.

Once you arrive at our collision center, you’ll be provided with an estimate, and our expert technicians will follow their routine tire-repair method. This process includes these steps:

  • Remove the tire from the rim.
  • Inspect the puncture.
  • Plug and glue the puncture.
  • Apply a patch.
  • Re-mount the tire, fill it up to the proper air pressure, and check for any leaks.

On the other hand, your tire may need a full replacement. A member of our staff will find out if you need one during their assessment and you will be provided with an estimate.

How to Extend the Life of Your Tires

While it may be difficult to avoid all hazards on the road, there are a few practices you can try to get the most out of your tires. These practices include:

  • Checking tire pressure monthly.
  • Inspecting tires regularly, especially before long trips.
  • Scheduling routine tire rotations.
  • Replacing them before they near the end of their life.
  • Avoiding mismatched tire installation.

Alongside these tips, we recommend you avoid overloading your vehicle. This can weigh heavily on the tires and cause abnormal performance.

Need a Nail Removed From Your Tire?

If your tires need repair or if you need a tire replacement due to a nail puncture, don’t wait! Our team at Andy Mohr Collision Centers near Indianapolis, Indiana, can help. All you have to do is set up an estimate online or over the phone.

Andy Mohr Collision Centers