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How to Fix Loose Front Bumper

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Have you noticed that one end of your front bumper is loose? Are you unsure of how to fix a loose front bumper? To help, Andy Mohr Collision Centers is here! Our team of ASE-certified technicians has the necessary tools and tactics to get your bumper in its rightful state quickly and efficiently.

Below, you’ll learn why your front bumper could be loose, how our technicians will repair a loose bumper, and why you should have your bumper repaired. Let’s get started!

Why Is My Front Bumper Loose?

How to Fix Loose Front Bumper

A loose bumper can be caused by a variety of things, like age, a minor or major impact, consistent vibrations, hitting a curb, scraping the bottom of the bumper on a steep decline, or frequently driving on poorly paved roads.

When your bumper loosens, there could be an issue with one or more of the following parts…

  • Broken clip: A bumper clip is what secures the bumper cover to the underlying surface and frame.
  • Broken mounting tab: Mounting tabs are a piece of plastic that is welded onto the bumper. This piece fits into the body or grille of a car.
  • Broken clip mount: A clip mount is what a clip attaches to. These mounts are molded into the inside of the bumper.
  • Broken bolt hole: A bolt hole is a mechanism that holds the bumper cover on. After an impact, the bolt hole can become so damaged that the bolt won’t fit in it anymore.

How Our Technicians Will Fix Your Loose Bumper

How to Fix Loose Front Bumper

Our ASE-certified technicians have years of experience fixing damaged or worn front bumpers. With that being said, they have the expertise and tools they’ll need to complete a comprehensive repair. When it comes to your loose front bumper, our technicians will first evaluate the bumper to see which aspect has loosened it.

If there is a problem with one or more of the clips, these features can be easily replaced. Depending on which clip is damaged, one of our technicians may have to remove the entire bumper cover to make the repair.

If there are problems with the mounting tab, clip mount, or bolt hole, you may need to have your entire bumper replaced.

Why Repairing a Loose Bumper Is Necessary

The purpose of a car’s bumper is to absorb any impact it incurs, so you and your family stay safe. However, when your front bumper is loose, this can cause it to lose its effectiveness, which can limit your safety on the roadways.

Also, a loose bumper takes away a car’s structural integrity and makes it unstable. To prevent your bumper from falling off while driving on bumpy roads or when passing over a speed bump, you should have your bumper repaired or replaced as necessary.

Schedule a Front Bumper Service Estimate Today

When you’re ready to fix your loose front bumper, set up an appointment at Andy Mohr Collision Centers near Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, Indiana. We’ll be happy to help.

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