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How to Fix a Cracked Windshield

Andy Mohr Collision Center

Has your vehicle incurred some windshield damage from a rogue stone, fallen tree branch, hail, or debris? Are you wondering how you can fix a cracked windshield? Our team at Andy Mohr Collision Center is here to help.

Below, we will instruct Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, IN, drivers about the ways a windshield can be repaired, the common types of windshield cracks, and our auto glass repair services. Keep reading below to learn how to refresh your vehicle’s windshield.

Can a Cracked Windshield Be Fixed?

Fix a Cracked Windshield

Absolutely! In fact, there are a couple ways you can go about it—using fillers or going for a full replacement. Let’s discuss both options more below.

Option One: Fillers

Fillers are clear glues or resins that are used to fill in or patch up any small nicks, chips, or cracks. This method is used to fix the most common types of windshield cracks; however, it is not used for large, obstructive cracks.

This repair method can be done at home. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for service.

Option Two: Replacements

When you have a large crack over a wide portion of your windshield, a full-on replacement is your best option. In this case, you’ll want to leave this replacement to one of our technicians.

What Kind of Windshield Crack Do You Have?

What Kind of Windshield Crack

Our windshields can be cracked by a multitude of objects like rocks, large insects, birds, road debris, or nuts and bolts. Whatever causes the crack, it can create different types of damage. Figuring out what kind of windshield damage you have will help you decide how you’ll go about fixing it. These are the most common windshield crack types:

  • Cracks. There are three kinds—stress, edge, and floaters. All are very serious and can be worsened by things like weather conditions or impact. Have them repaired as soon as possible.
  • Chips. This type of damage is caused by debris that creates little divots on the glass. While not as severe as cracks, we recommend fixing them as soon as possible to avoid them expanding into cracks.
  • Bullseye. This type of crack resembles its name. You’ll find a divot with rings expanding out of the center.
  • Stars. A star is a chip with tiny fractures stemming from it. This is one of the easiest cracks to fix with fillers.

In some cases, you can have a combination of the aforementioned cracks. Regardless of the size, we recommend scheduling a service appointment to have them filled or replaced as soon as possible.

Our Auto Glass Repair Services

Auto Glass Repair Services

At our collision center, our crew of ASE-certified technicians are more than capable of fixing your cracked or chipped windshield.

If the crack or chip can be filled, our technicians can have it done in a timely manner. However, a full-on replacement may keep your ride in the shop longer. In that case, we can get in touch with a third-party rental car service for you.

Schedule Windshield Repair Today!

Need your cracked windshield fixed? If so, schedule your auto glass repair appointment at Andy Mohr Collision Center near Plainfield, Indianapolis, Fishers, and Bloomington, Indiana, today.

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